Wednesday, May 19, 2004

your highness!

Location: somewhere in the deccan plateau
Altitude: 920 mtrs above sea level
Latitude: 12.97 degree N
Longitude: 77.56 degree E
Status: I am ok, you are not ok
Mode: your highness

This is my mode today. I spent the day with my nose up in the air. Did not listen to P’s tales with interest. My attitude went bonkers, no friendly demeanour. Technically, I did not fret or have a verbal war. To my colleagues, I was engrosed in work. Zeroed on my target, a guy who had been pestering me inspite of my polite refusals. I was imbecile in the first place but, why admit it now? Warned Sherina of dire consequences and she had given me the green signal to handle it my way.

That lady’s size, shape and age mapped one-to-one to mom so, she was succoured my seat. It was not politeness. Rememeber, my mode is ‘ your highness’

Would have rememberd this guy had he been handsome the first time we were introduced. So, I knew what to expect. Returned his warm handshake with a firm one. I meant business. I am a sucker for male chivalry and he had it in his hind pocket or perhaps, he tried. That didn’t impress me much. He offered dinner but, torture myself that long? Never. My motive was to make his love at first sight lost in second sight. Didn’t have to snivell or snarl. Looked in his eyes and passed the message politely. No cuts, take no. 1 over. I read Alan Pease’s “ Body Language” 4-5 times, and I knew I would be relieved of his not so funny smses and calls at the wee hours.

Rushed back. The usual “hi guys!” remained shelled. Greeted to only those who greeted me. From my room, I could hear two girls working in the same office bitching about a third colleague. They share the same mode with me,’your highness”. Feeling great about themselves. Let somebody else check the lights, tap. It’s so easy to be supreme, to be least bothered, to be indifferent, to be in the mode,’your highness’

Just got a call from J asking me to come to her place and help her drape a saree tomorrow. It meant I have to finish my chores by 7.00 am and rush. I replied, ”At your service, your highness!” So, the crown goes to her. Clap clap clap…

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