Thursday, October 29, 2009

oh, i have a blog

self-pity and me don't go together. I was bedridden for sometime. felt terrible as the life partner, husband in other words, had to work long hours and I was left to myself. watched a lot of movies one after the other, in the laptop without getting out of bed. Those Kate and Leopold, a walk in the clouds, PS I love you, Someone like you, Forever young, romantic movies of my generation, I must say. Then I went on to the Lord of the rings series. I watched about 30 movies and then finally got bored and jumped out of bed, and started going back to work.

Now, there is work and more work. There are calls which goes on till 9.30 pm while he still continues to come late. There is no work-life balance, but a great work-work balance between S' and mine.

And then there was 'Ethnic day' celebration at work. We were announced that we would win prizes. I went as colourful as a peacock in my ethnic dress. Didn't know where the judges were and ended up not winning. We just got a mail that two ladies have won. They just wore some sari, mine was intricate and difficult to manage and ...peacock colourful.

I hope the winners are not reading this. I hope the judges are reading this.

Anyway, sad and heartbroken, I overdosed on the sweets that the company gave. Man, I just wanted to die!
But all was not lost. I made a colleague buy me chocolate. He is on the 5th floor and I sit in the 2nd floor. He pinged me saying that he wanted to see me in my traditional dress. I said, buy me a chocolate and come. He did.

I thought I have lost my negotiation skills with men after getting married, but well, it is like never forgetting how to swim.