Sunday, May 30, 2004

it's the time to salsa

I read somewhere that every single person in this world contributes in shaping the history of their times. So, I have decided to do something memorable each month and live life with meaning.
Last month I started writing. This month, started joining dance class. (next month, perhaps! Fall in love:-)

I always wanted to learn it up but never had the burning desire to make it happen. Very glad I took the plunge. I didn’t want to procrastinate it any longer so, I went alone, registered and started it the same day. J couldn’t make it due to some prior commitment to her team mates.

Though I missed her company, I cannot say I did not enjoy. I relished every moment to the core. My trepidation of not having a partner too vanished as everybody danced switching partners.

Walked back alone singing to myself unaware of the hustle-bustle of the vehicles rushing to their destinations down below. Solitude is not always baneful or flagitious. I was at peace with myself walking under the vibrant and voluptuous blossom of the trees by the side of M.G road. Saw the Orion above me and remembered dad showing it in my childhood. I am a part of this universe, a part of this change. Today, the Orion seemed to be smiling too.

I will be drifting to a dreamless slumber soon but for now, the music which would make my eyeballs rattle on other days and the counts of the instructer reververates on my mind. 5,6,5678, 123….5678, spot turn, cross body lead, open break…

I was busy concentrating on the steps that the looks of my partners escaped my mind least of all how did they smell? Let me stop here.


Anonymous said...

Well, do you know that you need a person to fall in love and yes a boy in your case.
--- Legolas

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

We're missing your posts. Perhaps you did really fall in love and forgot about your blog and all us readers you have sitting on the edges of our chairs.

Couple of things... Why is it that everyone who knows only one constellation knows Orion? And i'd love to see a couple of music related posts. Just an idea.


Anonymous said...

feel free to come on by and check the **big and tall**Blog/site