Monday, May 17, 2004

The sands of Cherai Beach

I woke up today to a bright morning and the plesantness of it took my mind back to the trip to Kerala, last month to attend a friend’s wedding.

As it was the first time that I visited the place, we mixed business and pleasure and went sight seeing too.
I simbly  enjoyed Ernakulum with my very hospitable Malayali Friends.

The Cherai Beach of Ernakulum is one such place, which I have carved on my memory. Unfortunately, my newly wedded friend is back to the hostel, as her hubby had to get back to Kuwait and settle things before she can join him. Well, that’s a different story altogether.

Humming a song to myself at the start of this beautiful day, I went to have breakfast in the refectory and when breakfast was served I saw the sands of cherai beach on my plate.

The damn thing called Upma in Malayalam and Tamil and Uppid in Kanadda made of rawa from God knows where! The texture was same as the grains of the sand in the beach. A little more water could have made it edible atleast. This is proof enough that there is not enough water in Bangalore. Reminded me of the project we handled for BWWSSB, which made us aware that water in Bangalore is sourced from a 100 kms away from the city.

I told my friends it’s a memento from Kerala and we laughed it off. Now, I know the answer to how I am slim and trim.
Hail Mary!!! Thanks to my ever chubby cheeks (touch wood, bang wood, rose wood, teak wood whatever!) which makes me look well fed.

An idea just strikes me. Everyday, some corner (big space) of the major newspapers is reserved for some advertise of clinics and centres for losing weight and blah blah … One of my colleagues had spent 10k for shedding a few kilos. Wow! I can just give them my hostel address. I’ll give this idea as a business proposal to my warden and earn commission.

It is at the nuclei of the city, clean and for the kind of food we get, she can even increase the rent. Afterall, packaging is what matters. This could be the USP too. I would be minting money and become rich overnight. More than 200 women flock the place too.

So, VLCC and your counterparts, pack your bags. Here I am, this is me…

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mathew said...

hahahha..never thought that Upma looks similar to sand..

btw the one we make is quite dry compared to the ones you find in Karnataka or Tamil nadu..