Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Names and Pseudonames

i have been getting a lot of emails to my id arunima@gmail(dot)com about kidney transplant. No, i do not need one nor am i selling, or donating. i get emails about prime time T.V programs of some t.v channels. i know there are a couple of Arunimas in the media, but i am not one of them.

Registered myself to Blogadda, and my username and id also got mixed up with a certain Arunima Singh. Blogadda is trying to figure it out for me. My blog couldn't do anything at Blogadda. At least, they are doing something for me hahaha.

Dear arunimas with extensions(eg: arunima2010@gmaildotcom etc), i am glad i got my gmail id as arunima(without_any_extension)@gmail(dot)com. There is a saying about early bird catching worm and all that, you see. :-) That doesn't mean you could drop my email id wherever you want, for all registrations as a secondary email_id and create a lot of confusion.

The hubby started blogging and he has already started generating revenue. I thought it was joke, blogs generating revenue and making online money, but it happened with his blog. No, i am not linking it here. It's a technical blog, maths and all that jazz. No, actually not jazz, it will be pi, ki, sigma etc. I don't let him bring it to the bedroom, though i love the money. Considering that i have been around for 7 yrs; well almost, his is in the stage of infancy. So, i give him expert advice and say, "make it more colorful. add graphs and stuffs." Not that he listens, but i feel important.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


i was elated when i came to know that my LTTE to Femina (Letters to the Editor, courtesy Amit) was one of the winners for the November (1-15) issue and i declared it here with equal exuberance. i was bed-ridden and it did good to my morale. i was told i would receive a mobile phone cover from miss sixty.

However, a lady, Bernes Mendes of Femina magazine ended asking for my contact details 5 times. The first two times, i did it patiently. The third time, i followed up CCing the mail ID to which i had sent my letter (cos i know they checked that mail) again. So, lady Bernes with an apology, asked for my contact details again. i replied with a grrr and then again and yet again, i was asked for my contact details. Finally, i copied all the e-mails that i had received (2 chains) into one and asked them to read it and told them they are very unprofessional. She gave me two numbers, which were unreachable too when i tried from my landline. (my cell phone was stolen and i was in no mood to buy another online, and i wanted a phone to suit the cover from Miss Sixty, perhaps a smart phone or so). i have not received any more mail, gift or love from Femina thereafter.

In the mean time,  i received 5k discount coupon and bought diamond earrings with 5k discounted from Surat diamonds, i shopped online from Shoppers' Stop with another discount coupon, i got a stole delivered for free from imint, all from the luxury of my bed. i mean my virtual life was rocking, but no sign of gift from Femina.

It is not about not getting the gift but, for the fact that Femina is a good magazine (answer-for-everything, tech savy and all, no???) . i went to their website, and gave this feedback.

I was one of the winners of the "Letters to the editor" for Nov 15 issue. A certain Bernes Mendes has been asking me for my address 5 times even after I have replied to each and every mail with my address and contact number. Now, I am not interested in the prize, but it has left me with a bitter taste of the way Femina is functioning. You claim to be many things to many women, but I see a' technology-retard-sob' in the behavior, if her excuse for asking my contact 5 times is due to some problem in checking her mails. Her action is actually invading my personal space."

Monday, January 10, 2011

2 months tomorrow

It will be two months tomorrow that i met with the accident. i have started working though i work from home often. i don't know if i took any new year resolutions. It's funny how one's focus and perspective in life changes completely. This new year, i gifted myself legs, which are of two different shapes, sizes and colors. When the cast came off, i wanted to disown the leg that was underneath it, but it was mine and i had to get it home. :-)

If there is anything remotely close to being called a resolution, it is to get my legs to be of the same color, shape and size. Yes, the ankle is swelled up and bluish in color still. The back pains when i strain or stress myself, and i limp slightly when i walk. Every bloody activity takes longer; infact, much longer than it used to take and sometimes frustrates me.

Parting from S was tough this time as he will be away for a long time and also because of my health. i know i am being selfish, but i think i married for this give and take. Next post will be about how i blasted Femina. yeah, i am one scorned woman.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

hurting loneliness, sleeplessness, and some such

“I think the place where poets meet
lies in an inner space between
the ribs, the lungs, and hurting loneliness.

A poet fills his bags with rose petals and
empties it on the head of another poet.
Her hair is full of petals.

There love poems rhymed and metered bloom
and in that moment of raining flowers
is the place I want to be.” Nina sorreno

Perhaps, that place is the blog for me. I had this strong urge to type even when the body said, it is time I call it a day as I have to limp myself to work early tomorrow. Dad left on 31st of December for our hometown. Mom is still with me. I hated his guts when he was around. Perhaps, hate is too strong a word. I disliked his guts around mom, dominating and oh so self-righteous. Somehow, I wanted him to know I DISAPPROVE. Perhaps, this is all because of my teens, where I grew up worrying too much they’ll fight, or cried too much that they are fighting, or I was too idealistic, or just plain crazy. Yet, if I were to die, I’d want one of my friends to let dad know that I blogged here, and I know he’ll be the only person who will appreciate this place and his daughter as she is, very emotional, imperfect, suddenly funny and so full of anger. See, even in death, there is a part of me seeking daddy’s approval. He dotes on my husband. It was important to me that he approves of S. Perhaps, I wouldn’t have married S if dad did not like him.

They say the internet is written in ink, but I had to tell my story somewhere. Sometimes, I regret letting some friends know I blog here. I miss my old template too. I am missing sleep right now, and S. He is in the US. I am craving for some potato chips too.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

aha, 2011 and resolutions

may your dreams bear wings, and may those take flight!
may you be amazed, bewildered, and thirst for something!
may you aspire or be inspired!
may you grow and help others too!
may you kiss with all your heart, be it your spouse, a child, or that one true love!
may 2011 be a year of possibilities!

Here are some resolutions I created for them solely for fun:

Salman Khan: Find new girl, find another look-alike of the girlfriend and cast her in new movie if the relationship with girlfriend turns sour.
Sonam Kapoor: Take acting tips from Papa darling apart from sizzling in the designer clothes that he's been providing me with.
Arun Nayyar: My life is not on lease (liz!)
Abhishek Bachchan: Stop following the wife everywhere and start acting.
Aishwarya: Support a new cause. Say 'no' to plastic!
Deepika Padukone: Continue being happy and gay (at least one of us seems to be)
Hrithik: No more kites, only more, mori, i mean meaningful cinema
Tiger Woods: Not take my surname seriously. There is nothing called woods. Everything becomes public.
Priety Zinta: Act busy with cricket if i don't get any movies!
Rani Mukherji: Keep saying, "I am not getting married" if i don't have movies to talk about.
Yana Gupta: Pant*ies, pant*ies, pant*ies!