Friday, April 20, 2007

swim swim swim

A few years back, I lived just a 100 mtrs away from it. Now, I am staying some 7 kms away.
A few years back, the charges were just 300 Rs for a month. Now it is 1800 Rs for 21 days.

Well, there is a time for everything.

Then, I was busy finishing my studies. (Atleast trying to.)
Now, like a railway station where the train stops and bus station where the bus stops, I have a workstation.

I am learning swimming finally. Thanks Shub for suggesting that I go directly and enquire. It has been a futile exercise trying through the net and Just Dial services.

Some years back, ex had asked me what would I do if he drowned? To the romantic me, Titanic’s “You Jump, I jump” came to mind and I said we would drown together. (ROTFLMAO) The attention-craving ass was not pleased and compared notes with what his ex had told him. I got pissed and added, ”Actually, as you drown, I’ll do some neat back strokes”. I’ll be learning to do it now. Yeah!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Blogger of the mesozoic era

Many bloggers whose pages have been my staple diet have stopped updating. I am also moving towards becoming dinosauric and about to become extinct. I am still holding on even though the posts are becoming like Bangalore electricy or Bangalore rain. It rains according to pin numbers here. If it rains in Bangalore-1, it won’t rain in Bangalore-10. So much has been written about the first rain and the smell of mud that I thought I should run out and dance and experience all of that. By the time I was changing to my skirt, the one I bought from the kids’ section, it stopped.

Work has been torrid and I have myself to blame. I work day and night these days. So, while I have not been updating here, I have been making some money at least. Need to learn to balance. Like they call it beginners’ luck, everything started so well initially and I overcommitted myself.

There is this “you have been tagged” thing going on through mails. I accepted one such and went on accepting whatever poped up. It ended up with me sending the request to all the addresses in my mail account including ex-boyfriends. I heard my infinity-1 boyfriend is getting married. Imagine what he would have thought! I felt like entering the monitor and pulling back the request if it was possible.

Something good also happened. My cousin in the army with whom I had lost touch replied back after getting this tag request. Now, he is posted in Port Blair and I am planning a holiday while he is there.

Talking about holidays, I went for a trip to Pondicherry this friday. I came back and fell down in the bathroom on my hand and head. My head, close to the ears, started bleeding a bit so I went panicky. It hurt so much that for those few seconds, I didn’t know whether to close the shower first or to open the door. Rushed to the hospital and I am fine now. Pain areas are while wearing spectacles, as it is too close to it and while eating. First, the obstruction by the braces and then, the pain while opening my mouth because of the great (I just love adding the adjective) fall.

I had some praises in mind about Pondicherry but they have now vanished. Yes, after the great fall.