Monday, March 30, 2009


Don't know why the title! It is the word that came to mind when I thought of posting.

When I went home for vacation to my small home town, I came to know that 2 of my seniors in school are divorced. One is a doctor and was a brilliant student and the other is a successful, and well-known journo. In my current org, two of my colleagues are divorcees. 3 of my colleagues in the ex-office were divorcees. All three were under 30, without children. Some of them are extremely good looking and are wonderful people to work with. J had 3 lady managers out of 5, who were divorcees. Another colleague has 2 of her friends who are divorcees. One was married for three months, and another for one and a half years. Sometimes, I do wonder if this is what we call emancipation of women, independent and ambitious or their continuing victimization, forced to walk out of marriage because of domestic violence and harassment?

I am a feminist up to an extent. I believe that rather than being in a painful marriage, it is better to walk out and find your own place and voice. I don't know if these are cases of women going ahead of their male counterparts adapting with the changing times and the males being left behind, or something else.

After hearing about all these people and after seeing many of them happen in my own circle however, I don’t know if I should rejoice that women have finally found their courage to stand up for themselves for their rights or worry that with the new found courage and independence, people have forgotten to compromise.

I left my phone number on some property sites while I was searching for an apartment. Now, the buggers have shared my number with whom I don't know. I get an sms update on some fart shop being opened in Jayanagar and Vijaynagar too.

Work has been really hectic. I felt I earned every penny the hard way this month.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

random thoughts-not demented mind

Betrayed by youth, the thin old man struggled to push his cart full of vegetables, in the road that was inclined upwards to reach the market place.

Feeling guilty and helpless, i looked on quietly as i waited for my bus to work. i couldn’t carry vegetables to work even if i bought some from him.

Decided, i must get up early even on weekends to walk a little extra and buy from one of these vegetable sellers before they reached the market. The vegetables are anyway fresh and beautiful than those found in the racks of the beautiful stores, all fainted but wrapped in neat plastics.

Succeeded to do it, after much struggling to get out of bed. Then bought a nice breakfast for the husband on the way home and watched him eat happily. Boy, is he so easy to please or am i so much in love?

Listened to the kid neighbor talk about her vacation plans in zest. i might get bored if i get that much holiday. Am i getting old and boring?

Wishing for company to the pool, i told Archoo that it is time to get back to shape as her baby is 9 months old now. Headed to the pool to find a lot of overweight women in swim suits determined to swim away the inches.

Not being able to contain her happiness on being slimmer than some people, Archoo exclaimed loudly, “i am so happy about myself”. Shooed her away from the ladies before they heard and crushed us. Happiness is relative!

Enjoyed being part of the women brigade- all unconscious of their bodies in all shapes and sizes. Enjoyed more being part of the minority in that brigade-not come to learn swimming or lose weight.

Company of a female friend, pep talk, dip in the pool on a hot day and the taste of chilled and succulent watermelon. Heavenliness?!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time and tide

I am not sure about time and tide not waiting for anyone, but my bus to work definitely doesn’t.

Run Arunima run.

Friday, March 06, 2009


“One for the cluck of a happy hen.
Two for the chirp of a sad wren.
Three for the hopping of a green spotty frog.
Four for the bark of a howling dog.
Five for the quack of a duck on the lake.
Six for the hissing of a slimy snake.
Seven for the swoop of a brown ugly owl.
Eight for the sneaking of a wolf on the prowl.
Nine for the scratching of a tiny rat.
Ten for the purr of a furry cat.”
Mrs. Pallister

I had taken some interactive learning games for my niece and nephews. Ni, the 1and half yr old wanted to play only when his cousin D plays. If he was not allowed, he’d cry. Other times, he is not interested and he didn’t want to play alone on his dad’s system. I was teaching D to play the games. He was busy with the mouse. Ni started climbing on my lap, reached out his small index finger and started pressing the spacebar. Well, nothing was wrong so far and D could still play. D was engrossed and did not bother what Ni was doing. Suddenly, Ni put his foot on the keypad demanding some action and attention. D started crying and then Ni joined.

I am helping a friend in creating a similar product for these VIPs with an attention span of a lightening bolt. What characters to use? Which songs to use? How to connect the interactivities? How to keep them engaged and learn? What if they don’t do anything? How to distract? What if they still don’t do anything? How to appeal the parents?

Before their parents shoot me down, this is a pic from one of those days during my vacation.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

oh my Gaad

Oh my Gaad! oh my effing Gaad!

I've been married for a year now.

It was quick.

No fights that lasted more than 5 minutes. S' culinary skills have improved. As for me, I was born with a bottle of masala and a ladle. Hence, I continue to comment ...on the salt and taste.(though I am lazy and run out of the kitchen at any given chance)

Lots of loving and lots of laughing.

More, I'll write as the years go by. Second, third and many more to come so...