Saturday, May 30, 2009


Watched Doubt. This time around, the devil doesn’t wear Prada but a religious habit, and plays Sister Aloysius Beauvier. You can’t tell if she is a devil or the angel though she acts every bit like the devil in her role as the principal of a catholic school. She confiscates radio from students, doesn’t allow them to use ballpoint pen, checks if their nails are kept short and clean and, advices a teacher that the photo-frame should be placed right in front of the blackboard so that the teacher can see from the reflection what the children are doing behind her back. Any misbehaving student is sent to the Princi’s office.

She reminded me of school and an Italian nun we had, Sister Amelia. She used to punish anybody and everybody for anything and everything.

While she is around and if you pass by and, if you see a piece of paper on the ground, it’s your day. You have to pick it up and throw it in the nearest bin before she tells you. Else, she would catch you and not allow you to join the assembly prayers. You will be released only after you say ‘sorry’ after the prayers. If we see her, all of us used to start searching for papers on the ground and sometimes pick up non-existent litter and run towards the bin and escape. We were not allowed to hold hands and walk (it was a girls’ school) or to run and scream. We used to wear solemn faces around her, wish her ‘Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening’ and walk past (paper picking is when you are in primary) and continue playing the fool once she was out of sight.

In school, we also had these bag checking, nail checking, uniform checking, and book checking sessions. Looking back though, I have only sweet memories of my school. Sister Amelia has also passed away after years of service in that school.

Coming back to the movie, it was an amazing performance from the two lead actors, Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman. In short, it is about a conservative nun who suspects a liberal priest of making wrong advances to a black boy and confronts him. The ending was still left to interpretation.

The drama is woven around the exploration of desperation, the vehemence of conviction and the all-encompassing and all-consuming doubt-doubt over your faith, doubt over someone else's faith.

Monday, May 25, 2009

My point (Monday morning point)

Maya, Chaya, Laloo, Billoo, Gowdapa, Gowramma, just about everybody was ready to give unconditional support to the UPA.

And look at how the DMK bargained. They should have created some new posts like the Minister of Potholes, Minister of Underground Cables, Minister of digging, Minister of filling etc. I am sure they'll have enough work to do for the next 5 years.

The words,' shame' and 'ethics' doesn't exist for these people. Like the Shotgun Murugan SRK said in OSO, I feel like calling them Rascalas!

The paper said that Carmen Electra is going to star in some series nude. (I don't know how nude. That is not my point.) The point is that she has already appeared nude in Playboy, perhaps twice as per reports from my husband. It is like saying Celina Jaitley is going to expose. Google for these two ladies and the images that pop up will talk for themselves. I mean who is interested in seeing Celina Jaitley expose? She is always almost naked with her b(infinity symbol)bs jetting out all the time and hot pants for public dos. So coming back to Carmen Electra, has she sprouted a third t*t that the paper is so much interested in her exposing?

This is my point on a monday morning. ehem! have a great week ahead.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

it's been 5 yrs

I realised I have been blogging for 5 yrs. As the archives show, I started in May '04. I have been tempted to change my template very few times, but somehow I am still with the old template.

It has been fun to write.

I have realised its personality is very much like mine.
I have realised I'll continue writing for a long time.
I have realised I don't keep on thinking about my blog as I used to do earlier. I write when I feel like it and I write what I want.

Hell, the title should have been 'Realisation'. Look at the amount of 'I have realised' that I have used. And now, don't start thinking that I have been living a moronic existence all this while. shoo!
I am just trying to give away a little more of my character perhaps, through the rightful use of the wrong words.

I have a group of 5 best friends from school. We are still in touch like the old times. Some of them, I have known for almost 26 yrs of my life.

I am still in touch with a gilli-danda friend in the neighbourhood from childhood.

I am still in touch with my first roomie in Bangalore, who has gone back to Mizoram now.

I met J in the other hostel. We are still in touch and I am in touch with another 2 friends from that hostel.

I am in my 6th company now. I found many good people in each company, but I found at least a good friend in most of them with whom I still catch up.

I am still in touch with Meg, my only male best-friend left. We've been friends since '95.

Many have drifted in between and there is an occasional hi! and bye! on social networking sites. But, for these friends, we've never required a social networking site to be in touch or to catch up with each other.

In the blog world too, I have some blogger friends. If I have aged as a writer, I have grown as a reader too and it has been a wonderful experience. Even with so many interesting new bloggers popping up every other day, I am glad that some of you still care to drop by. I am glad that in these 5 yrs, some of you have really mattered to me and I have mattered to some of you and I hope to say someday that I have been reading you for the past 10 years like I just said about my childhood friends.

Congratulations to Shub. Wish you a very happy married life!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Where does it end?

I fell in love with you watching Casablanca
Back row of the drive-in show in the flickering light
Popcorn and cokes beneath the stars
Became champagne and caviar
Making love on a long hot summer's night

They met at work, her first and his second. Sparks flew and the inevitable happened. It happened in a city where people were judged only by love and companionship, not the sameness of caste or creed. The relationship matured as they moved ahead with their careers and different companies. She had always been independent and that was what her parents intended too, sending away their daughter to the city to work. When the talk about marriage with this guy came up, however, the parents did not agree.

I think they have been going around for more than 6 years now. I find them to be like any other young, good-looking and compatible couple.

Her father died without agreeing to the alliance and that broke her resolve to go on fighting. Perhaps, he didn’t know he would die. It was cancer I heard. The mother still sings the same tune, widowed and still mourning the husband that would never come back, to fulfill his wishes without ever bothering to meet this guy. Is there a point? He is from a different caste you see!

She said she is not marrying him and have agreed to her mom to marry whoever she chooses. Makes me very bitter about the whole thing. The first words that came to mind were to say that the old man is dead but, I stopped myself.

They still meet and kill themselves a little each day.

I guess there're many broken hearts in Casablanca
You know I've never really been there so I don't know
I guess our love story will never be seen
On the big wide silver screen
But it hurt just as bad when I had to watch you go