Saturday, June 30, 2007


As I said before, many of my colleagues are busy promoting me as an aunt. They are busy becoming fathers or mothers. Just a few days back, one of them became a father and the group started talking after visiting his kid and wife in the hospital. What I am going to talk, has nothing to do with babies or the process of making one but the conversation started with it.

One of the senior Managers reminisced the past and said that she delivered way after the due date. She was damn worried and had cried that she would die if something happened to her child. Her mom scolded her saying,"I brought you up with so much care for the past 26yrs and now, you are saying you want to die for a child which you haven't even seen?"

Now, I knew that her kid is 11 yrs now and she had mentioned she was 26 yrs old when she delivered her. In my mind, I went 26+11. I calculated her age. I found it funny, I found it crazy, but I did.

Later in the coffee break, I confessed to another female colleague that I calculated the Manager's age when she was narrating this story and my colleague confessed back that she did the same.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

thoughts on the way

The weather was damn good as I came to work. It is not a day for working but going for a movie or shopping or just playing music at home and reading a book which, I had felt exactly the same way last week and had taken leave. Watched Fantastic four, went shopping and read "Inheritance of Loss".

So I thought atleast I can blog even if I cannot take leave. While I was coming, I suddenly remembered a conversation I had with my warden when I was in the hostel. She said that people from the north east dress as if they are very rich but she is also glad to see that they are very hard working. Then she added, "though I don't know why, I can always see what colour underwear you people are wearing (low-waist pants). Of course, I never see yours. "

On a funny note, I felt like asking,"are you disappointed sister?" :-) But thinking about it, in that hostel there was just one girl who flashed her undies and she was not an Indian either but everybody felt that the north east people do it all the time. I am not saying foreigners come and flash, I mean some flash and some don't or maybe, the north east flash a little more. The majority of the north eastern states are Christian dominated and quite western in their outlook. By this, again I don't mean that Christians flash cos, J is a Christian and she doesn't flash. Now I am going back to work with or without flashing.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Saw this in one of the cubicles and I quite liked it.

"If I was organised, I'd be dangerous"

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The concert that was

I will not admit that the wait was horrible having to wait from 5.30 till 8 or even later for the concert to start.
I will not admit that I had people pushing me from left right and centre in all directions trying to get closer to the stage.
I will not admit that the air smelled of grass at times.
I will not admit that my legs hurt and my back ached.
I will not admit that I could see him between the shoulders of some giants standing in front of me.
I will not admit that I don’t know all their songs ok; I can admit this as I know the popular ones and there were many like me in the crowd.
I will admit I went with three guys, felt protected and pushed and shoved the giants to glory to get a better view.
I will admit I was glad to be there to see Mr. Tyler in flesh and blood from so close and witness the energy and his trademark scarves tied to the microphone stand.

It is something, which my brother couldn’t see even when he is a great fan.
He used to put up Aerosmith's and many bands’ posters, play them loud as we were growing up and finally made me accept rock music (Iron Maiden and many gothic and heavy metal bands are noise to me still)
Steven Tyler must be no younger than my dad but boy, he still rocked.

Friday, June 01, 2007

fcuk-wit smart

When I started it, I felt I was making a smart move. You know, the smart woman of this century taking care of her own finances and stuffs like that. I realise now, I was fcuk-wit smart. I am going to lose a lot of money to come out of a shithole that I entered in the name of financial planning. Was apprehensive of going via a financial consultant as some of them endorse only those products where they can get good commissions. I am sitting and reading up as much as possible now after all the blunder that I have done with my money.

Finally, my colleague’s husband is helping me out as my financial advisor but the bottomline is that a flat of my own in Bangalore is looking even more elusive.