Sunday, May 16, 2004

weekend and eternal flame

Weekend was good and I was busy with scrubbing, cleaning, house keeping , writing, reading, organising, helping friends with the steps for their dance too. Birthday Function for this month is coming up and I being one of the main cultural-in-charge have to do my bit.

This is also one reason, why my fromula 44 works. This time however, I am not planning to dance. Maybe I'd lend my voice. When other people sing, I had my share of fun. Commenting from back stage that it is as euphonic as tyres on the gravel. Let me give others a chance this time to confirm that humans bray in tune sometimes, out of it. ha!

Caught up with old friends on the phone one of them, Judy, my childhood buddy. God! we have been friends for more than 20 years. Besides the fact that I don't know how to count my own age beyond 22, our friendship has really matured.

From nursery rhymes, barbie dolls, comics, pimples, boys, secondary school, Mills and Boons, crushes to boyfriends ... we have come a long way.

She has finished her Medical School and I am keeping my fingers, hands, toes, eyes crossed that she gets a good seat in P.G which would be alotted soon. If she becomes a gynaecologist, what and all I have to show her someday! :)

She was at a party in Noida when I called up. I said lets sing and started ‘Eternal Flames.’ The song has been sung and resung by Atomic kitten, Human Nature and The bangles. I was singing 'The bangles' version though the lyrics is the same:-). Judy joined from the other line. Sweet of her even when in a party! But, I don't know whose version she was singing.???

I am happy for all my friends. All are doing well in their chosen field. I will also be someone someday. Am I only dreaming, or is this burning an eternal flame?

It is and it has got to be, I am ready to knock heads with life, I am on the run, the highway is my home...

Amidst all the activities, I had time for myself too. Pondered, mused over what could be and what didn't, some sweet memories, some regrets…


Whatchulookingat? said...

I'm no soothsayer, but I have a feeling you will get everything you want, and deserve. Just by reading your writings, I can tell how special of a person you are. It is a real shame when spectacular people like yourself don't get everything they want in life.
P.S. - Have you watched the T.V show Gilmore Girls? Reading your writings reminds me of that show.

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