Thursday, July 30, 2009

Time to Opine

While I opine about the situation I am in; because of the in-laws, I had forgotten that the summer is almost over and left to myself, I would have anyway worn the clothes that I am forced to wear because of them.

Saw the partner who comes home much later than me, eat happily, chit chat with parents, giggle with me in bed, and somehow find time to do the things that he loves to do- read a book or watch a movie, and I realize how much complacent I have become or how busy I was, feeling busy. I am sure he must be getting good sleep too, while I worry myself bald and worry over the baldness again.

I am friends with a lady who sell vegetables. I am her regular customer. Yes, I am good at it- relationships (I think). She is 26, younger than me and has 3 kids. 2 daughters and a son. Sometimes, I give her a little extra money; sometimes she gives me a little more vegetable. I gave her son; the clothes that I had intended to gift my nephew and keep telling her not to have another child. She smiles and keeps saying ‘yes’. I suddenly notice her stomach bulge again. She covers it with her sari if she sees me. Don’t know if I am imagining. I often ignore her smile, and start to worry about her, about the kids, the world, population, pollution, and wonder if I’d ever want to have a child of my own. She seems to be ever-smiling through it all.

Monday, July 27, 2009

At the cafeteria and some hangover

At the cafeteria, I noticed a lady wearing a slogan T shirt. I nudged my colleague and said, “look at that”. My colleague asked me, “Is my bum as big as her’s?” Now, for opening my mouth, I was forced to compare and contrast two things, which were not objects of my desire.

Moral of the story: Be specific about what you are pointing out.

I will not talk about the movie, The Hangover. I am sure many of you would have already watched it or are in the process of downloading it. I am going to talk about the object of my attention, S’ hangover.

Once, we partied at a friends’ place. We normally stay back at their place or they stay back at our place if we drink at night. After downing some pegs of old monk and vodka and waxing eloquent on Richard Dawkins and Statistical modeling, S got up, washed his plate and declared he is sleepy and wanted to call it a day. Later, in the middle of the night, he cuddled up and asked me if he had dinner and what did we have for dinner. He knew that I was his wife (unfortunately! :-) ) and that we were at his friends place, but he had no recollection of events after the 3rd peg. It freaked me out. He came home and researched on the net to see if there have been similar cases, and some people wrote that they don’t remember what happened for 3 days at a stretch. In the movie, at least they were under the influence of drugs. I told S not to drink when I am not around and not to exceed 2 pegs.

Since this is my blog, let me stop with what I said/ordered/instructed and not add what he replied.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The bubble wrap

As I waited for him at the airport, I went back in time to recollect if we had ever hugged. We had been friends from a very long time, but beyond the high fives and the pats on the back, we had never really touched each other. Oh yes, we had. We held hands in a school play. Thank God, I was the girl and he was the guy. Considering the way I was, I could have very much acted as a guy too. I have portrayed the role of a drunkard with élan and the trophy at home is witness to that.

I have hugged my boyfriends, I mean my friends who are boys, but I guess I have been a little reserved towards him from the beginning.

Suddenly, I could see his head and then the trolley. At one glance he saw me, and pushed the trolley towards me. Now that we were a couple, suddenly, I felt shy. Is there a phrase ‘shyly excited’ or ‘excitedly shy’? I was feeling that. He proposed me from across the miles and I accepted. It was inevitable in some way and somehow, I knew it all along that this is going to happen though I had dated other people.

A meek ‘hi!’ escaped from my lips and I just smiled. Had it been any other time, we would have been in a group shouting and cheering. His friends would have asked him which poison has he bought and then gang up to finish it. I remember us converting the dollars to rupees. If somebody used to spill a drop of the drink, we used to say that 50 Rs is gone.

We headed towards their apartment. It was the same place where I had met his gang of friends, the gang whom I named albeit fondly, the Trophy gang. They had this habit of lining up empty bottles-alcohol, deodorants, water, coke, and even ash-trays, as if they were some trophy. It was the same place where we had strummed the guitar and sang ourselves hoarse. I am sure the boys had their own pet peeves for having to run and get dressed, to look decent when a girl was visiting unannounced, while they laid nonchalantly in their bare basics on a hot summer day.

We met M in the apartment. Came to know B had moved out with his girlfriend in another flat and C had moved with his sister. M will be married in another 3 months and he decided to retain the flat. So, he would be staying with M for a month. The gang would be coming in the evening again I was told.

The room was suddenly quiet. I didn’t know what to do and took a bubble wrap from one of his gift items, and started bursting one by one. He took it from my hands suddenly and gave me his palm. He asked me to read his palm as I had often boasted of knowing palmistry. I played along. I traced the lines of his palm with all seriousness knowing very well, the trap. This was not a handshake; this was not our high fives, this was the first touch of new lovers.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Proposal

I remember coming back to the hostel after watching ‘Miss Congeniality’ and taking another 1 and half hours to narrate scene by scene to J, some even with actions. I was a good crapologist and J giggled through it all. I miss her.

Watched The Proposal at the Fame, Lido (road is damn congested because of the metro coming up). Enjoyed it thoroughly even though it is a candy floss cliché filled rom-com. You know the ending, you know the story but the journey was fun-filled and had us in splits.

The story is simple: devil boss, enterprising subordinate, boss proposes marriages to save her a*se, plays romantic couple to convince people and family, falls in love, happy ending. Sandra Bullock plays Margaret, another version of the devil boss like Meryl Streep did, but she manages to come on her own.

Ryan Reynolds had lovely comic timing and facial expressions. The grandma was just amazing. Her jungle dance to thank the mother earth and then Sandra joining her in the act was too funny. There is another funny scene on the wedding dress with the grandma and I will not spoil it by talking about it.

The office scenes were good. She is referred as ‘it’ by the staff and they flash messages to each other. I won’t tell where, but we once had a group chat in the team against the boss. Hence, the unity of the staff and the scenes made me laugh a lot.

I worked for a small firm once and we did not get internet connectivity for all the 9 hours at work. We used to tell the system admin to let us know when it was connected without the boss’ knowledge. The sys admin would come out and rotate his finger in the air. That was the sign we had been waiting for. Immediately, we would jump and open yahoo mail (this was the most popular those days) and browse for the next 45 minutes. It felt like heaven.

I will write about some fun-at-work moments someday. Coming back to the movie, it is paisa vasool.

Crapologist: One who specializes in handing out crap but presents it in such a fashion that it appears to be fact (Courtesy: Urban Dictionary)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Quote for the day

MILs are just so harmless and nice. You just have to do whatever they say.” ~ Arunima, Blogger.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

my Einstein brains at the Antakshari

We were shown a clip. The clip just before the song,"hal kesa hai janab ka". I have not been watching Tv so, I am quite rusted when it comes to visuals. There were negative markings too. We had to pass or give the correct song. My colleague knew the name of the movie and couldn't really recollect the song and went on saying,"yaar, ye wo phisalne wala gaana hai" again and again. You know what my Einstein brains started visualising that moment? Jack and Jill tumbling down. Yes, it was a hindi-movies-only Antakshari and the word 'phisalna' conjured up the image of Jack and Jill to me and nothing else. We scored zero in that round.

Next was an audio-visual round. A video of a scene before a song would be played but the sound track of another movie would be in the background. We got the first video and the song right, which was from Golmal. The background audio was from Gupt. We identified the movie, but gave the wrong song. Most of Gupt's songs start with similar music and it was tough to identify the difference in 10 secs. We scored zero in this round again.

Therefore, we lost. We led until the 5th round out of 7. Had a chance until the last round, but ended up 3rd or 4th. (doesn't matter as we were not runner's up either). A team that almost got eliminated won. Charged up with all the songs starting with 'u' and 'th', I sat and perhaps, went on sitting. :-)

High points:

We won an award for having the most innovative team name, which was "Galle me khitch khitch". Yours truly gave the name against some team mates resisting it. Other teams had sur, jhankar beats etc.

It was a lot of fun.

I got complimented for having a good voice from some people.