Thursday, April 28, 2005


If I was in love with you and if you were in love with me
How much I would have loved you!
How much you would have loved me!

I would as if I want nothing in return
I would as if I want you all for myself
I wouldn’t need a reason
I would need all of them answered in all seriousness
‘Why do you love me?’
‘Am I pretty?’
‘Will you find someone else if I died?’
and perhaps
be happy that someone would love you after I am gone
or perhaps
even get jealous that you might also love her.

Manauvering my way through a heavy traffic,
I saw a girl seated in an auto.
She was lost in her own world
I tried to study her face and it looked like she was having a happy thought
about someone, somewhere
That was when you came to mind
As you sometimes do
At the expected moments and those unexpected ones too
When I am sad, when I am happy,
When I want to share a joke or an accomplishment.

The last time we met, you spoke about some girl
I fumed
as if
I care for you
you smiled that naughty smile
as if
you care for me
The last time we met, was it the last time?

If I was in love with you and if you were in love with me
How much I would have loved you!
How much you would have loved me!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

My Brother 'R' not Nikhil, Ankita and Mom's gyan.

How do you react when a two year old who has just started talking with a cute and small voice sing, “kaang-se-thamoida-chik-e” meaning,”this mosquito is biting at my heart” ? Nearly fell off my bed laughing. That’s my niece, Ankita over the phone. She goes to a creche and is believed to have picked up the song from there. What song and what lyrics! Hoho haaa…ha ha ...

Need to plan a holiday soon to meet this bundle of joy.

Marriage has changed my brother for the better. Infact, it has done wonders. My long-haired brother was a nightmare to all the kids in the neighbourhood (including me), strict and short tempered and it was such a lovely sight to see him play with Ankita, change her diapers not to forget his neatly trimmed hair, the last time I went home.

He used to keep changing girfriends, dumping or getting dumped often the later but after meeting my sis-in-law, he had to leave all that in the past, change his ways and literally chase her down the proverbial ‘aisle’.

Mom had told him once over lunch in front of all the siblings, “Don’t flirt with someone you don’t want to go around with, don’t go around with someone whom you don’t want to marry. Life has a way of taking u-turns, you often end up with what you never planned. I will be happy if someone loves you back truly, you’ll learn to give.”

He chose his love and is loving his choice- that’s marriage for my brother.

Cheers and best wishes to some of the newly weds, Pompy, Stone, Romila, Shalini, Anita.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Shall we dance?

Hit the dance floor the moment we entered. That was ‘Salsa Night’ at Sparks on Sunday.
Danced till kingdom come from 9 to 12 taking breaks only to drink sprite.

Sprite is the secret of our energy, shiny hair, beautiful eyes, skin, pearly teeth and perhaps, it might get us husbands too :-) any advertising funda left?

Wasted half-an hour of my make-up session coaxing my partner in crime, Miss ‘J’ to cheer up and enjoy the party as it might be the last time we would be dancing together. (I use this line to blackmail her) Somebody in the US of Asses wanted to know what she would be wearing and who she would be dancing with.

Not happy if he is possessive, sad if he is not!

Her big brother dropped us and even asked us to call him up if it is late so that he could pick us up. What a sweet brother!

Dearies, the trust has been cultivated over the years after reporting every systole and diastole that she takes. From the past three and something years, I have been doing my part in winning the trust by asking her to go for late night movies and stuffs.

My skirt, hair was smelling of cigarette as I came out. Can’t imagine how much I must have inhaled that damn thing they were burning off.

your smoking is injurious to my health!

Wore a plain white salwar, went to the temple. The week has been going fine so far.

“Something in the wind has learned my name
And it's tellin' me that things are not the same
In the leaves on the trees and the touch of the breeze
There's a pleasin' sense of happiness for me…”

From the song “On top of the world”

Thursday, April 07, 2005

To throw eggs

For all the nice things I write, you spill coffee on my blog. You fry eggs and even herd Dinosaurs.

Your 'interesting' comments often start a long debate with other readers. Surely, you must be in love with me to always do such damages.

I don't know very clearly what you do but it must be something nice as I see that you are the only Indian among all the speakers and the others don't look like fools.

There are so many things in life that catches the eye but very few, that catches the heart. I am glad you have followed those few by proving that it is not the piles of certificate but the quest for knowledge and excellence that can drive someone to succeed in life. You are self taught and that's the best part.

May you conquer heights!

I wish I could sit in that conference and throw eggs at you.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

I am a virgin

yohoooo! ask me how to grab attention

Written on a T-shirt
In the front: "I am a virgin"
At the back: "this is an old T-shirt":-)

Two colleagues in a blood donation camp. Doctor comes and talks to the first colleague leaving the second for sometime and visibly pissed.

second to the first:"who the fuck was he?"
first: "My father"

Me and 'J'in a mall:
Me to her: "Don't miss those bras"

"Million dollar baby" was good. Watched friday night dragging 'J' and then her brother along. We need somebody to guard us na?

The movie had already started and I missed out on some nice dialogues. Asked one friend to explain those parts I didn't understand. He adviced me to go and watch Hindi movies instead
so, if time and mood permits, I'll catch up with their brother Nikhil.

Now, this is getting long. I'd love to share my good taste for bad movies someday. Reviews of "Black", "Boogeyman" and "lost in translation" coming up or going down meaning it might happen or never happen.

Take Care.