Wednesday, January 26, 2005

print ads

I really liked this print ad.

"A sartorial operation may be rendered useless by the opportune, judicious and prudent deployment of a singular suture.



No convoluted debates. No pointless discussions.Just News Crisply Told.


They have many other such lines but I guess this was the first line which came out.

Anyway, My T-Shirt reads," To drink and drive is a crime..
So I drink you drive!"

Happy Republic day!

Friday, January 21, 2005


Nursing an aching back. No, I would rather say enduring a back pain. Was in the bathroom. I just bent and got a weird sound from my back. Had to hold the tap to support myself.
Most of the girls had gone to work and didn’t bother bothering the few left. No time to lie down too and now it’s screaming murder.

Thank God! my boss owns a diagnostic centre too. Doctor suggested an X-ray. First I fled the scene and decided on a pain-killer which has failed to kill the pain.

Doesn’t look like a slip disc cos I am still able to sit and walk. Nevertheless, to have a peaceful week-end, went ahead with the x-ray.

I thought the day would be very bad but I am enjoying the cranky world, cranky people and cranky me. Had some very light moments. Asked a candidate why he has changed 4 jobs in 2 yrs? He replied,
“Ma’am , I was not doing what I wanted to do.” Then, this was written on a resume:
“Skill set: Try until success”

Was on a calling spree. It was nice to listen to some ringtones. One had the dialogue from Devdas,” Babuji ne kaha Gao Chordo…”, then there were songs from Swades and all the latest movies. Then I called up my ex-colleague and her phone rang,” Tu tu hain wahi dilne jisse apna kaha”. I said, “patahain gadhi, phone kabhie mat kar”

Now, I am in a cranky mood and hence some cranky songs.

Whatever these songs mean

Mirchi mirchi, dhoti ko phaad ke rumaal kargayi
Telephone dhun me hasne waali
Ek chumma tu hamka udhar dede aur badle me U.P Bihar lele
Hiladung U.P, Hiladung M.P

Me ek disco tu ek disco, Disco 82

So, wish you a happy UP BIhar this weekend.

You can add your nonsense songs here.


Friday, January 14, 2005

Previous Post

A novel in hand, I was spending an idle and ideal holiday when 3 friends from across the globe called me up and updated on the comments in my blog. By the 16th or the 18th comment, I had to give my password to one of them and had them removed even those I wanted to retain.

Dear Friends,

I would be lying if I say I don’t want any comments. Blogging makes no sense if I am not read or heard by others but that doesn’t mean it should become cheap publicity ground for individual interests. I had started writing diaries from 6th standard and went on doing so till the last few years. I stopped it because as I grew up I got bored with the monotony of my life where my diary started to look like one Agony Aunt.

Blogging gives me the opportunity to discover new avenues and to grow up sharing views with others.

I don’t appreciate it if the environment becomes unhealthy like how it happened yesterday as the number of comments increased. Perhaps, the treatment meted out to the subject was not mature enough on my part. Many factors come to play when a post is conceived and they are the ideas or the feelings that I have at that point of time, could be delectable or otherwise to some.

You are free to negate them but if I am the target rather than my opinion, please mail it to me as time do not permit me to be online always to debate why I felt that way.

I know how easy it is to leave loud comments in the guise of anonimity; it only saddens me to think that there lies a brain behind it. I am still young in the blogworld but I would refrain myself from giving excuses that I am a novice or an amateur and therefore would act irresponsible.

I am not imposing my opinion by removing the comments in the previous post, I had no other way.

I wouldn’t say,”I’ve learnt” rather I would say,” I learn”

You Shout, I learn
You Scream, I learn
You Agree, I learn
You Disagree, I learn
Best of all,

Take care and have a nice weekend.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Peeping Toms

A landlord had fixed cameras in a room of some college girls in Pune, TOI screams. This news provoke me to share some incidents and about the lives of women.
A few days back, two men climbed our hostel walls to peep and see girls bathing. They were two of them and even managed to open the window seal. The girl inside got the shock of her life. Somehow she managed to switch the light off and come out. Another girl in another bathing room saw one of them and she claimed that it was one of the guys who come to scrub the floor. Supposed to be from a very poor family and God fearing. Could be true, as outsiders would not be able to make out which room is where and what leads where. It simply means he hid himself somewhere in the hostel and did not leave by evening.

What was it that he had to go even against his livelihood to see the female skin?

In another hostel, the security guard only peeped inside the window. The girls screamed and next day saw his moustache shaved clean so that he couldn’t be identified.

In another hostel, some people had pasted obscenities in the gate. One man climbed and was showing off his private part. He was beaten up black and blue. Serves him right.

Girls often share with each other the experiences but when it actually happens to them, they find it tough to react. Molestation is just too common.

Many of my friends and myself have been victims of some sort. I stood staring quite and numb in the middle of the road as did many of my friends as that bastard ran away. Nothing hurts more than your modesty being touched. There were times when we hunted down some men just because they gave some comments too, but think about those meek females, on the road sides and often voiceless. We are so called ‘educated’ with a mind of our own that we sometimes even believe that we might just be strong physically too.

In the name of independence and self-respect, we roam around braving the night, lonely lanes and even men.

Sometimes some cars slow down if you are walking slowly in a deserted lane at night no matter how decently dressed you are, thinking you for a sex worker.

I don’t know who is safe and what is safe? On the other hand we have our bollywood actresses ready to drop their dress even before the proverbial ‘drop of a hat.‘
Somebody has said that in bollywood only sex and Shahrukh Khan sells.
If media reflects the public and public reflect the media, are we a sex-starved nation?

The professions where a woman earns more than men according to a survey are modelling and prostitution. Have we women been just chasing a chimera?

Some of our male counterparts have changed for the better though. ‘Retrosexual’ man has evolved to match us. A man in corporate clothing holding a baby in his arms seem to be the perfect picture that represent this term. Grow up men. Match our sense and sensibilities. We face all odds and we still survive.

It’s enough of listening to your silences in front of the T.V. Enough of boosting your morale when your ego takes a dint. It’s your turn now. And yes, enough of acting we love the kitchen. Give us a break!!!

Monday, January 03, 2005

it's my birthday again.

The first post, first working day of the New Year and my B’day. There were times when I thought my life was coloured through and through with the colour of waiting. How wrong I was! A year, a war, a natural disater has gone as I blinked.
This day, I take it as a celebration of my life. Have been receiving calls and wishes and I often forget that I am ageing :-)

The past year has been very eventful for me. There were so many ‘first times’. Professionally, I have taken up many new responsibilities. It’s true that you become responsible with responsibilities. Personally, met many interesting people and friends, some who would be friends for life.

A budding relationship was nipped in the bud without even the luxury of a goodbye. Gave me questions galore but I take it in my stride for it was also an entity to the events of the interesting year. I have learnt never to take anybody for granted cos nobody comes for granted.

Intuition tells me that J would be married by this time next year or this year itself. Someday, I would be blogging without mentioning what I did with my best friend. Hope she finds someone ready to bay the moon for her.

I will keep learning and growing. Will try to keep my blog as lively as possible, at times a little cantankerous, as I would exercise my liberty of ranting in the free space on the net.

Let me see now, life from the other side of twenty. Hope I won’t start lying about my age:-)

No complaints so far. Life, treat me well!