Thursday, May 13, 2004

Mum is the word

Wished my mom a happy mothers’ day on 9th. She said,”thank you, they are showing it on the T.V too.” Ha! Of course, I also learnt it from the media. Peopla say the gift and card sellers need an excuse to do business. Whatever, it was nice to hear mom being so happy. Dad teased saying he wanted to prepare breakfast but, mom didn’t allow him to do it. Never knew dad was humorous.

Mom was my best friend when I was a child. In my teens, she was a little strict with me. Was it that I only drifted away, wanting my own space? Perhaps!

She always had a way of letting her displeasure known if there was anything she did not approve of. Being a teacher herself, nothing escaped her knowing gaze.

Many crisis befell our family but she stood tall and anchored us out of it with grace and grit. If something of her is in me, I’ll be a good mom someday.

Mama, I am proud to be yours!

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