Monday, August 29, 2005

Moving Out

Dear Hostel mates,

Now that I am vacating, you people can sleep peacefully. Kindly contribute and help me set up a house. I accept anything to do with homemaking, from a spoon to a car. Please contribute generously. You can keep the warden.

Yours truly


The Hostel Crowd is getting younger and more hip. So me, the antique piece has decided it’s time to move out.

A doctor of the Ayurvedic kind, who also happens to be my school friend suddenly got dropped from nowhere and we decided to be house-mates. Got a two-bedroom house not far away from where I am staying currently.

Now, It’s time I decide between pateto, potato, tameto or tomato but there is Bread and there is Jam and there is Maggie and I’ll survive.

I will miss my hostel mates and my room immensely. Aged between 21 and 27, we were Engineers, Journos, Nurses, Architects, HRs, Writers, Lawyers, Sales and Marketing executives, CSRs, Receptionists and Admins. There were friends, who were the only earning member in the family that their parents actually didn’t want them married. There were those who earned fat salaries but saved every pie for dowry. (Seems a good husband cost nothing below Rs. 50 lakhs). I laughed at it all but I guess I did that cos my community do not practice dowry. There were those who shouldered responsibility to construct their own house and move out, those who supported a less accomplished elder brother also those like me, who never save and only shop.

On a week-end, I see these girls coming out and going in. There is a certain resplendent aura that they exude. Perhaps, it is independence, perhaps it is youth and I am proud I was one of them.

We practiced the birthright of a woman- gossiping over potato chips and magazines. The lofty minds got together and discussed sales, males and lingerie, fianc├ęs and finances, carried tales or was the mother of some tales and kept a secret together. The woman in me was sometimes an eager participant in all these.

I’ll miss all the ”Have a nice day!, How was your day?” greetings. I always had someone to talk to and someone who understood and someone who would collect my clothes when it rains as I continued my slapdash ways.

When I was very young, we left our ancestral home to stay in the VIP area. (The only area where there is no power cuts or water shortage) We shifted many a times to many quarters until we built another house again. Through it all, I learnt to enjoy each place and cherish the people I associated with. Nowadays, everybody is mobile and adapt anywhere but as a child, there was a certain longing for a place called home, for stability and consistency.

Pompy blogged that there is an immense pleasure in even buying a spoon for a place called home. I can only echo her words. Perhaps, I’d die of happiness if I were to marry and settle down in her sense. I am all excited for now. Need to set up the kitchen and everything else from scratch. I am already thinking about curtains and colour co-ordination. I don’t know how many of my dreams I can live but I haven’t stopped dreaming.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Reality Check

Life is difficult.

“The Road Less Traveled” by M.Scott Peck also starts with this line and life is easier by accepting this fact.

There are no free lunches (even for eligible single girls. There is always a motive behind the free lunches if you observe)

Everybody has an option. (Be it your client or your BF/GF)

Time is precious. (So is every ticking moment of my life. Not going to squander it away. )

Money talks. (Need to work harder, need to work smarter)

Friday, August 19, 2005

Raksha Bandhan

forwarded stuff but a good one

"..agar aap bus, train, plane ya kahin se bhi aa jaa rahe hon...aur kisi
mahila athva larki ke hath mein phool, dhaga, chain ya chamakti hue koi bhi
vastu dekhein to turant wahan se bhag jaye.Ye vastu RAKHI ho sakti hai. Apki
zara se laaparwahi apko BHAI bana sakti hai."

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Man Gall Pun Day!!

When he is not shooting or endorsing products, perhaps he is blogging.

Check this out.

Mr. Aamir Khan, much as I admire you, me says it is done by a hired help. Anyway, as far as the movie goes, I got the ticket from black and tried to be the loyal fan. The dance and song sequences could be scissored. Amisha only wailed. I fell for your phirang friend and loved you to the core.

Were you trying too hard? Why couldn't I carry it along with me? It parted as I parted the movie hall.

I have this feeling of having savoured and sampled all the delicacies yet having missed a wholesome meal.

Man Gall Pun Day!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

what is this ad all about?

“After a hard days work we can hardly wait to do it. “

“I did it once a week, now I do it almost everyday.”

“The more I do it, the better I am getting at it.”

“I never imagined I’d have so much fun doing it”

What is this ad all about? So far I have seen these four variations.

They succeeded in getting some morons to stand and even memorize the lines. So, will it be called good advertising?

Anyway, you read it. Now, read this:

“Sometimes when you cry, no one sees your tears. When you are worried, no one sees your pain. When you are happy, no one sees your smile. Try farting and see the attention you get. “

Thursday, August 11, 2005


For quite sometime, I have felt amiss my good self. I am getting irritated, losing appetite, not concentrating at work, fighting with whoever comes online.

I switch off my cell and claim, “now, I have no addictions” but after 10 minutes I switch it on and in fact ask someone to give me a missed call just to check if it still rings. The cycle has been repeating.

Is it PMS or is Doomsday coming? Is it the dreaded disease loving-a-bastarditis?

I need to breathe, I need to breathe. Inhale, Exhale, Hee Haw… Hee Haw...

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My daddy bestest

Dad retired last month, the same day Stone’s did. It was so sweet to see your post Stone. A few months back, when mom tried talking ’post retirement plans’, it seems he got angry. Retirement is a different ball game altogether, a new phase of life. I wish my mom a lot of patience, tolerance and love towards my dad as she is the one who has to balance between a very short-tempered companion and another 7 yrs of service :-)

I can relate to my dad as someone who has always been busy that at times I felt I missed growing up with him. Like most other Government Officials of my state or in the North-East, he too had a love-hate relationship with his job- vehicle being hi-jacked and burnt by militants, being marooned to some place unknown, being instrumental in installing new projects just to see them bomb blasted and destroyed the next day. I remember dad skipping breakfast many a times rushing to get things done and then sulk when such news were heard.

On the brighter side, we were exposed to many cultures and food habits from a very young age, had many friends and traveled a lot. Amidst his busy official tours and schedules, he did manage to iron my uniform and polish my shoes.

They gave a big farewell party. It must be really touching to leave the job or the department you were associated with from the start to the end of your career. Like all daughters, I like to believe that my dad is faultless and I am proud that he is the first Telecom Engineer of the state.

I admire his eager life and know he will find some very interesting hobby. I only pray that the bottle doesn’t come in between.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

movies and more movies

There is always the fun of watching a movie in the first week itself. I try to do it though I am often unsuccessful. There are some friends who try to catch up on the premiere before it is released and blog with spoilers. Yes, mean but fun for being the first. So, here are a few lines on each of them. Would have loved to do elaborate reviews but too much garbage is bad.

Meine Pyar (phone) Kyung Kiya? : Don’t insult your intelligence by thinking, just laugh.

Fantastic Four: Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Anyman. Change the character and all are the same. But that is what we expect and enjoy too.

Sarkar: The father of bollywood, Mr. Amitabh is acting in every movie or is lending his voice and he still rules but the best part is Abhishek is not overshadowed by his father and pulls his part well. The son of the angry young man is heading to become the gentleman of bollywood with his charisma and panache. I loved every ticking second of the movie. Though I have read the book, I am yet to watch the Godfather.

Dark Waters (or is it Black?): Decided better things could be done rather than parking our asses on the seat so, left halfway.

Parineeta: Everything good that I heard turned out to be true. Loved her Fragility and the steely endurance. I cried for her, I cried for love, I cried for myself. How I relate them, I don’t know. I just do it. yes, I am a sucker for melodrama, give me more!!!!

Last heard, some people of Abuja cement has resigned as Saif broke the wall too easily.

The Island: After heavyweights like Pearl Harbor, Armageddon ( haven't watched The Rock), It's natural to expect much more from Michael Bay and harness certain prejudices. The Island is not an ideal summer umm monsoon pop-corn flick but it is very much digestable for one- it can be enjoyed more on the big screen, two- Scarlett Johansson is a luminous and good camera subject (liked her from Lost in Translation), three- the two protagonists-Lincoln Six Echo (McGregor) and Jordan Two-Delta (Scarlett) play the characters with conviction and credibility, four- The film succeeds in making you feel for the characters, five- There are sci-fi premises, blistering action sequences with futuristic flying machines much to the likes of video games.

Based on the much debated topic, human cloning, Lincoln Six Echo, a clone of a Scottish playboy and many like him live an aimless life in a container which is isolated. All they know is that they are protected from contamination. The only hope in their desultory existence is the promise of life in an idyllic island which is supposedly the last uncontaminated place on the earth. He stumbles to the truth of their existence one day and escape with his co-inhabitant, Jordan Two Delta- who turned out to be the clone of a Calvin Klien Supermodel. The chase, the truth and the debatable concept is worth looking out for.