Monday, June 29, 2009


We have an Antakshari competition coming up. I don't tweet and so, I have to blog it.
Please help me with songs that start with 'th' like 'thori' or U, as in 'unse'.
I know this song, 'unse milli nazar' beyond that, I am blank about songs that start with U(oo).
I'll come back with the updates by saturday or sunday.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I have been wishing to read Sea of Poppies (Amitav Ghosh) and The Lost Flamingoes of Bombay (Siddarth Sanghvi).

A few days back, when I came home from work, the ‘Sea of Poppies’ in a hard cover was waiting for me. I flipped the pages and I saw the following written in my husband’s beautiful handwriting.

To Arunima,
For the voyages, and all the adventures,
past, present, and future
S. "
I smiled and then jumped and thanked him, then hugged him, then kissed him then I ran back from the kitchen again to read it and re-read it, and thanked him again and kissed him and smiled and jumped and hugged and kept on smiling.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

that young woman

I first thought she is a kiddo who is giving her 12 boards. I came to know she is a kiddo who is giving her 10th. Well, she has passed her 10th with flying colors. She is all grown up and she is taking on her father on whether to attend CBSE, ISC or ICSE.

Read what she has written to her readers in the side bar of her blog and you’ll know that she means business. She is witty, she is smart and, she has ATTITUDE! At her age, I would have perhaps, liked myself being addressed as a young woman but, I can’t help saying that she is so so cute.

Dear All, meet Ramya. She has given me some awards too, honest scrap award... wait, let me scream out loud. Honest Scrap AWARD and Friendly Blog AWARD.

Thanks kiddie, I never knew people your age read my blog. She is 15. Hell, I really don’t know if people read my blog at all.

You make me feel like a fossil at times but, it is really nice to have you around.

In the news:
I have started gymming because mother-in-law is coming.
I have realized that my husband is very learned. Remember, without blinking an eye, he gave me the statistics of models appearing on Playboy. How learned! How confident!