Thursday, May 20, 2004

first day in school

I was one of the youngest in the class. The girl next to me wore my ID card. I tried befriending her and shared my lunch as barter system used to happen those days expecting my ID card in return. She turned out to be smarter. It was given back to me only after my parents came during the lunch break to visit me. Many of my seniors used to pinch my face as I was chubby and cute as a child. Eh! I remember many things now. I didn't know to write 'A' properly and this girl L,(I know her name but, I won't mention) scratched my book. I was a much better student than her later in school. huh!

There was this girl called 'Baby'. We fought over something and my elbows knocked her. Her nose started bleeding. I was scared too as I didn't do it on purpose. Miss sent me out of the class and had to kneel down. It was not altogether my fault so, I object.

Then , it was K.G class. We didn't have LKG and UKG. Our's was nursery and KG then 1st standard...Her name was Sapna. Me and Sarda(now, a doctor) bugged her. She cried and we had to kneel again in front of everybody. This time inside the class, a much deserved punishment.

I remember another day in 1st standard when I was all alone singing a song to myself standing near a pillar and watch the other girls play. No friends. That was loneliness. In 2nd standard, I was selected to join some dance but, didnot go as I was too shy though I was crazy about it. But, one thing in me was that nobody could play foul with me. I stood for myself.

Things changed when Miss Teresa, a malayali teacher appointed me, S and A as the class captains for one term. I became smarter, bolder and people started taking me seriously. I am still thankfull to her as that was where the root of this smart ass was sowed.
Little Flower School, Imphal. My Alma Mater.

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ZicoRino said...

Bad deeds. But very sweet.