Sunday, May 16, 2004

mein hoon naa

I watch all the movies that I review in the first week itself, but somehow ting tong ting tong ting tong
Well, here is my angle to “Mein Hoon Naa”
Sushmita Sen: Sexy! I went for her. She’s got the look, the body and the moves too. Watched her with dilated pupils.
Who else were there?Yes, I feel like hooking an army officer now. Anybody game?
Songs: I thought of someone
Action sequences and special effects: Reminds me of this joke. U.S makes the thinnest wire possible, Japan pokes a hole inside it and India marks ‘ Made it India’ on it. We are damn good at the art of copying. I don’t know if it was Arnold in the climax too.
Comic situations: Leave your brains behind. Everybody laughed. Maybe because they have payed for it. I laughed louder cos my friend payed.

I appreciate Farha for showing all the crew on and off the screen. Eh! Manish Malhotra’s clothes are better looking than him.

Need to borrow Shah Rukh's Tri-cycle for going to work.

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Anonymous said...

Try an elf!
--- Legolas