Monday, November 21, 2011

gaata rahe

The 3 months young little one who just promoted me to grand aunt has started looking at people for a long time, and she smiles a lot these days. She also makes a lot of noise. The other day, she was in my arms and i sang to her. She seemed to enjoy. As it is, it is difficult to get an audience these days, so i belted out one Lata Mangeshkar number after another while she was enjoying. Hola, she slept off. I lost my audience, but it was a very peaceful moment. :-)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

growing up

Wearing the red sleeveless top for my sister's wedding, i felt on top of the world. Mom suddenly looked through her bifocal lens and insisted i wear another red, with sleeves. Both the tops looked similar in my eyes as we had to wear a shawl anyway over it, and been away from home for a long time, i was also shocked that someone could actually be strongly opinionated about what i should be wearing. ( i mean the past 10 yrs, i had roomies saying, "this might look better, but you eventually wore what you wanted and nobody mined.)  i said, "i am not going to change". Well, the talk moved away from clothing to how we are brought up and how we rebel because we stay away from parents. Mom got all emotional. i found it funny, but eventually changed and made her happy. i wore the top of her choice, which no one noticed under the shawl.

Another time, dad and mom came visiting Bangalore to meet with S before we tied the knot. i fought with dad over something. it was lunch time. it was over the way he spoke to mom if i remember correctly. i was so pissed that i said, "i am not having lunch." (yeah, like you did in childhood and wait for your parents to threaten or coax you at least three times. :-)) Suddenly, mom took dad's side and told me, i shouldn't be doing like that as they have come to my house. i didn't know when parents became so emotional and started saying your house, my house. i guess parents are sometimes insecure in their own children's homes.

umm, you can't be that kid forever with your parents, nor can you be all grown up in front of your parents.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

pomfret-tomfret, babies and antakshari

The husband called up from the U.S of A (Those of you who asked if i am in the U.S. i was there, i sat pretty on his beautiful couch, and came back. No, wait. i travelled too, a lot actually.) and asked how to cook Pomfret. i found it so sweet that he expected me to know a little more than him about cooking. (shows how well i have bakrafied him before marriage. :-) ) i always give expert advice in that department. Well, i know how to eat Pomfret, but i don't know how to fry or cook one. So, i was shooting in the air trying to act as the Pomfret Consultant. He caught me obviously. Then i gave him the expert advice and asked him to Google it up. To overcome the embarrassment, my new year's resolution this time is to learn how to cook Pomfret. Be it from the husband.
i am staying at my niece's place right now. i am about 2 yrs older than her. She has given birth to a baby girl promoting me to grandma or grand aunt, so to say. Well, the little one is very cute and is about 3 months old now, but she cries, especially when you are trying to sleep, and i am now seriously scared about having a baby. i see my niece sitting up the whole night with the little one in her arms. Her husband tries to help her and then struggles to get up in the morning to reach office. i am starting to think that babies, esp those in the frequently pooping, peeing, crying age group, look better on T.V and posters more than 50 metres around you.
And this time, we did win the Antakshari competition at the office. Last year, i had to go for the visa interview and missed the show. i remember writing about the debacle the last time i participated. Our team has always been reaching the final round. Ending the post with something to cheer. yay yay yay dhing chak dhing chak...