Thursday, February 24, 2005

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‘J’ dropped out of the dance because she has to finish her MBA exams. I dropped out because she has to finish her MBA exams. It was not easy, having to practice 3-4 hrs rigorously every weekend. Perhaps, we were not ambitious enough. We just went to learn Latino. They liked our styles and suggested we join the ‘free-style’ group and were ready to groom us for free. Other girls had to go through auditions and perhaps pay some fees.
All we wanted was to do just a few stage-shows and that’s why we couldn't even reach there. Everything comes with a price. Anyway, it's all about priorities. Her MBA is more important to her and I know I won't enjoy dancing alone.

Now, I try to post once a week and it's also becoming difficult. One thing is clear.
It's bloody easy to give up and stop trying.

We had our usual ‘Pyjama Party’ (those where I usually dance, sing or MC or goof up on stage)

This song was played and I liked the life in the beat and the lyrics.
“Raat Baaki Baat baaki
Hona hai jo ho jane do
Socho na dekho to dekho haan jaaneja mujhe pyar se

Kasti jawa dil ki toofaan se takragayi
Manzil muhobbat ki abto kareeb agayee
aa dekhle hain kya mazaa dil haar ke...”

‘Age does not matter if the matter does not age’~ Anon

Be young at heart!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2005


Enough of men wearing micro skirts. Lets talk about the suit and boot category. National Treasure is a fast paced movie that makes you sit up and watch. If you have liked the Da Vinci code, you would love this. Nicolas Cage (Benjamin Franklin Gates ) speeding against time and adversaries, solve clues and break codes to hunt the greatest treasure of all times thus unfolding many secrets, action and adventure.

Page 3: The ironies of life and the pragmatic compromise that one has to make with it!
Lovely review is given here so, I cannot add more. I belong to one of those people who atleast try to take the daily dose of the supplementary pages even when I just peep at the headlines. I liked the movie for the protagonist played by Konkana Sen. I would love to watch her Amu too but, I guess that has not been released in Bangalore.

Armed with her journalistic licence, searching for spice in the party crazy crowd, seeking people worthy of page 3, making and breaking identities, she meanders through the crowd and unearths the black and white side of Page 3. What she gains and what she loses in the bargain is what it is all about.

Somehow, there is a string that links you to her because of the dressing style or her girl-next-door look. Loved her chirpy air-hostess friend too. Some glam dolls like Tara Sharma just fade in comparison to her.

Madhur Bhandarkar has matured and stand tall this time as a film maker perhaps from the cumulative experience that has happened in his real life (Preeti Jain Case).
It’s really true, there is a thin line between art and life.

Planning to watch Black as you people recommend. I am off to get tissue papers. I know what’s coming. I hope I get the tickets else I’ll end up watching Vaada and bug with another review :-)

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

My angle

It seems some ladies claim that watching Brad Pitt’s ass in Troy was ‘paisa wasool’. However, I did not have the good fortune and missed the scene. This time we rushed for Ocean’s Twelve as I did not want to miss anybody’s ass. I mean the movie. Now, please note, I review movies at my own pace. Planning to review the latest movies, ‘Meine Pyar Kiya’ and ‘Sholay’ very soon.

Coming back to Ocean’s Twelve, if you have watched Ocean’s eleven, it’s more than enough.

Characters to watch out for:

George Clooney: His personality. What a thief!
Brad Pitt: This time not his ahem! Everything else.
Catherine Zeta Jones: Her presence makes the movie charged up. Red lip stick suits no one else better
Julia Roberts: Her charms. Pretty woman! She gets a chance to play Julia Roberts, the actress.

About the script, screenplay, direction: zzzzzzzzz
Action sequence: There was more action happening at the seats. I was busy digging pop corns from my friends from left and right.

All in all, one time watchable movie when you know you have nice company ( Read: Free ticket, free snacks)

If Ocean’s Twelve was bad Alexander was ugly. I almost dosed off in the theatre and J almost knocked me off with her elbow. Angelina Jolie played his mom’s role very well. She portrayed a woman of great courage and sensuality. Alexander’s devotion to his male friend Hephaestion was highlighted with sensitivity. ( My history books never told that Alexander could be happy and gay) His demise drove Alexander crazy.

People clapped when a squadron of war elephants in India attacked Alexander’s troop bringing an end to the Macedonian cavalry. I got wide awake to the noise and the movie ended. I remember one line from this movie delivered by Alexander. “ If you conquer fear, you will conquer death”

I conquer death today. I have the power!!!!! She-man!!!

Coming up… After sometime. National Treasure and Page 3. Stay tuned.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Thursday, February 03, 2005

let's talk about love!

As I post this, a scene rather the last scene of the movie “Love Actually” runs vivid on my mind. Old friends, children, parents, husband and wife, lovers, colleagues, associates, comrades… getting united.
Different colours, faces, races, ages captured in many frames and just one emotion in all of them.

Celine Dion has sung it beautifully, ”There are people around the world, different faces, different names, but there is one true emotion that reminds us we are the same. Let's talk about love!”

Me and P, ok Papillon, as he loves to call himself stood waiting for a friend in the airport whose flight got delayed. I stood as a spectator to many such unions but this particular one has stayed with me.

She came out neatly dressed in trousers pushing the trolley on which sat her little one. The moment she came out, her eyes searched for her husband who had been waiting eagerly for their arrival. Her eyes, on finding its destination looked towards the kid again. She bent and whispered to her kid. Perhaps, something like, ”Look! Dad is there”. He walked forward kissed the kid and lifted in his arms. Quitely, they started to walk away together, wife pushing the trolley, kid in his right arm and his left hand resting protectively on her shoulders.

They didn’t wave at each other, hug or even talk that much but looked lost and content in their own world.
I stood mesmerized at the tenderness in that togetherness and the quite display of emotions without displaying much.