Sunday, May 30, 2004

it's the time to salsa

I read somewhere that every single person in this world contributes in shaping the history of their times. So, I have decided to do something memorable each month and live life with meaning.
Last month I started writing. This month, started joining dance class. (next month, perhaps! Fall in love:-)

I always wanted to learn it up but never had the burning desire to make it happen. Very glad I took the plunge. I didn’t want to procrastinate it any longer so, I went alone, registered and started it the same day. J couldn’t make it due to some prior commitment to her team mates.

Though I missed her company, I cannot say I did not enjoy. I relished every moment to the core. My trepidation of not having a partner too vanished as everybody danced switching partners.

Walked back alone singing to myself unaware of the hustle-bustle of the vehicles rushing to their destinations down below. Solitude is not always baneful or flagitious. I was at peace with myself walking under the vibrant and voluptuous blossom of the trees by the side of M.G road. Saw the Orion above me and remembered dad showing it in my childhood. I am a part of this universe, a part of this change. Today, the Orion seemed to be smiling too.

I will be drifting to a dreamless slumber soon but for now, the music which would make my eyeballs rattle on other days and the counts of the instructer reververates on my mind. 5,6,5678, 123….5678, spot turn, cross body lead, open break…

I was busy concentrating on the steps that the looks of my partners escaped my mind least of all how did they smell? Let me stop here.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Do not urinate?

I saw a wall painted ‘ Do not urinate’. Grinned to myself thinking that it is meant only for MEN. Saw a guy today; standing right there, ‘performing’.
Perhaps, it should have been 'Do not urinate here' :-)


Three projects are at the winding up stages and I am busy as a bee, running around and co-ordinating, recording voices and editing too. Clients had also visited us to see what's happening in-house. Love-life is having a tummy upset but, I am not worried. Things are happening I guess. I said I guess. Will be back later.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

basking in an old friendship

Nothing compares to the joy felt in the company of an old friend. I count my blessings today.

Friday, May 21, 2004

I will change you

I will change my name, what's in a name afterall?
I will change my city, it's not mine anyway,
I will change my views too and look things your way
I will change you cos I'll be changed anyway.

The weather is pregnant

Me: The weather is pregnant with romanticism
Paddu: Why is that so?
Me: Something very nice is on the wings but, it is yet to happen. See, I don’t have a guy to share this. You have it so, you can say, it is romantic.
Paddu: wait, I’ll tell him the weather has just delivered romanticism.
Me: Don’t take my name. He will know why we are colleagues.
Paddu: you don’t have to be a flirt to flirt. You just have to do it.
Me: you don’t have to prove we are friends also. I already know.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

first day in school

I was one of the youngest in the class. The girl next to me wore my ID card. I tried befriending her and shared my lunch as barter system used to happen those days expecting my ID card in return. She turned out to be smarter. It was given back to me only after my parents came during the lunch break to visit me. Many of my seniors used to pinch my face as I was chubby and cute as a child. Eh! I remember many things now. I didn't know to write 'A' properly and this girl L,(I know her name but, I won't mention) scratched my book. I was a much better student than her later in school. huh!

There was this girl called 'Baby'. We fought over something and my elbows knocked her. Her nose started bleeding. I was scared too as I didn't do it on purpose. Miss sent me out of the class and had to kneel down. It was not altogether my fault so, I object.

Then , it was K.G class. We didn't have LKG and UKG. Our's was nursery and KG then 1st standard...Her name was Sapna. Me and Sarda(now, a doctor) bugged her. She cried and we had to kneel again in front of everybody. This time inside the class, a much deserved punishment.

I remember another day in 1st standard when I was all alone singing a song to myself standing near a pillar and watch the other girls play. No friends. That was loneliness. In 2nd standard, I was selected to join some dance but, didnot go as I was too shy though I was crazy about it. But, one thing in me was that nobody could play foul with me. I stood for myself.

Things changed when Miss Teresa, a malayali teacher appointed me, S and A as the class captains for one term. I became smarter, bolder and people started taking me seriously. I am still thankfull to her as that was where the root of this smart ass was sowed.
Little Flower School, Imphal. My Alma Mater.

books and books

Just made a check list of all the books I want to read in the near future and the list just seems to be endless. I want to read George Eliot's 'Romola' set in the 15th century.
One of my friends had told me that he want the hours in a day to be longer and wished he could learn and read three times more than what he does. His words are ringing in my mind now. They are starting to make sense and there I was, shortlisting the name of some doctors!
Forgive me Lord, for I sometimes know not what I do.

sin in style

The night is quite but for the leaves caressed by the wind. Surrendered to the night, 200 women, lost in 200 dreams and I can hear not a sigh. I savour the sound of silence. The gleam of the moon ragged by the clouds. Tonight, I wish to sin in style…

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

your highness!

Location: somewhere in the deccan plateau
Altitude: 920 mtrs above sea level
Latitude: 12.97 degree N
Longitude: 77.56 degree E
Status: I am ok, you are not ok
Mode: your highness

This is my mode today. I spent the day with my nose up in the air. Did not listen to P’s tales with interest. My attitude went bonkers, no friendly demeanour. Technically, I did not fret or have a verbal war. To my colleagues, I was engrosed in work. Zeroed on my target, a guy who had been pestering me inspite of my polite refusals. I was imbecile in the first place but, why admit it now? Warned Sherina of dire consequences and she had given me the green signal to handle it my way.

That lady’s size, shape and age mapped one-to-one to mom so, she was succoured my seat. It was not politeness. Rememeber, my mode is ‘ your highness’

Would have rememberd this guy had he been handsome the first time we were introduced. So, I knew what to expect. Returned his warm handshake with a firm one. I meant business. I am a sucker for male chivalry and he had it in his hind pocket or perhaps, he tried. That didn’t impress me much. He offered dinner but, torture myself that long? Never. My motive was to make his love at first sight lost in second sight. Didn’t have to snivell or snarl. Looked in his eyes and passed the message politely. No cuts, take no. 1 over. I read Alan Pease’s “ Body Language” 4-5 times, and I knew I would be relieved of his not so funny smses and calls at the wee hours.

Rushed back. The usual “hi guys!” remained shelled. Greeted to only those who greeted me. From my room, I could hear two girls working in the same office bitching about a third colleague. They share the same mode with me,’your highness”. Feeling great about themselves. Let somebody else check the lights, tap. It’s so easy to be supreme, to be least bothered, to be indifferent, to be in the mode,’your highness’

Just got a call from J asking me to come to her place and help her drape a saree tomorrow. It meant I have to finish my chores by 7.00 am and rush. I replied, ”At your service, your highness!” So, the crown goes to her. Clap clap clap…

Tuesday, May 18, 2004


It was just a longing,
you changed it to hoping.
you gave me dreams,
just to find you disguised;
when I opened my eyes.

La Belle Dame sans Merci

Donned my thinking head to manoeuvre my thought process and churn out some succulent work. Myriads of ideas were dancing in my minds eye, permeating across the mantle. The neurons were in action and grey matter and white matter were playing their part. Yes, it was crystallising into something subjective when suddenly I hear this irritating buzz.

I cursed, ”Damn you tiny being! If that is your lingua franca, I am not interested. I am the La Belle Dame sans Merci and I have no mercy for you tonight. How the hell have you the audacity to exercise any political, social or economic freedom to linger around my well lotioned skin? If I could, I would erase your clan and race, Anopheles, Culex, Plasmodium,... whatever from the surface of the earth. You trespassed and now face the penalty. You have to be murdered. Akramannn! take this and this and this...”

I terminated it with much skill but the action left me looking like an eunuch that my creativity vanished into thin air.

Dad ain’t a politician or an Indian cricketer

On any given morning, the happiest thing I love to do is put off the alarm and go back to sleep. I was following this ritual religiously the past few days when suddenly my friend called and woke me up at 6 O’clock sharp.

Me and my big mouth! I had promised to accompany her to jog in the morning. The reason for her interest too is simple; she bought a new Adidas shoes and wanted to make good use of it. Well, my sneakers were staked in some corner somewhere as it had started laughing (read torn) and I had to make do with my floaters.

It was a damn good feeling to have the winds kissing our faces, the whiff of fresh air doing its conversation with the nose. Our path was laden with flower petals that had befallen the previous evening through the morning. Felt like a princess but a sudden melancholy overcame me thinking that such beautiful things also have an ending and would be swept away after sometime.

We decided to increase our pace slowly everyday and walked instead of jogging though experience tells me that day would never come. This extremely good thing that we started today would last at the most a week as always. You can never straighten a dog’s tail. Fat people jog to be slim, slim people to remain slim. I guess for me, it would be to grow tall :) We walked and talked and talked and walk all the way passing through an array of lovely houses.

My friend pointed out a particular house and I said, ‘ok, it’s your b’day gift from my side.’ Hearing this she started word play and pointed another beautiful house and said,’ My in-laws’, I replied,’ My servant’s quarter’ and ran. We were laughing and kicking each other when suddenly from the opposite side this hunk comes jogging. We behave suddenly. With x-rated vision we scanned him up and down. Umm! Good eye tonic early in the morning. Hot as ice! Around 5’11’’, tall for me, ok for my friend.

I just took her wrist and saw the time, 6.45am. We pledged to reach this place tomorrow at the same time and turned back. I don’t wear a watch nor does Enrique Iglesias. His pet’s name is Grammy or Oscar. Mine are Snoopy and Sentry. I don’t mark time. Time will mark me. I don’t know about him. I flushed my last watch. It was by mistake. Dad ain’t a politician or an Indian cricketer!!!

It is contagious

Teri, the gal in the next room broke up with her guy. Saw my reflection in her.
The differences were: she announced, I didn’t. She went on speaking, I went on crying.
Somehow, everybody knew.
Sucks! even this is contagious.

Monday, May 17, 2004

the paradox of sunscreen lotions

With the mercury reading ever on an incline, I just wanted to pick up some sunscreen lotion.

Well, the market is flooded with a lot of them from all kinds of brands. I browsed through some of the brands and tried to make out what are the common ingredients they contain and how do they work.

All the brands talk of SPF (sun protecting factor). How good a sunscreen works is determined by this factor often. The higher the SPF, the better. The prices too differ according to it.

The prices of those with SPF 30 onwards are audible on the day of my salary and never euphonic on month-ends.

I often feel like telling myself, “oh well, I am fair enough and being dusky is in fashion even if I get tanned”. But, I read a few articles and did my bit of hunting and realised that there is a different story to narrate.

There has been a gloomy statistics about the rising rates of skin cancer.

For a commoner like me, a sunscreen protects the skin from harmful UV rays.
All the manufacturers talk about UVA and UVB. Sunscreen is supposed to work by either absorbing the sun's rays or reflecting them away from the body.

Either way, they are supposed to stop rays from burning or penetrating the skin.

UVA (A for ageing) can cause premature ageing by breaking down the collagen and elastin that keep skin firm and smooth. (Gosh! My dreams of having a good skin even after 35)

UVB (B for burning) penetrate the top layer of the skin and cause sun burn and skin damage.

In the long run, both can lead to the development of skin cancers. I found out that cancers of the skin are of the types:
Squamous cell carcinoma and
Malignant melanoma

Both can be cured if detected early but malignant melanoma could be dangerous.

Parsol 1789 (also known as Avobenzone), zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are the main players in any good sunscreen lotion or sun block. (If they are there, I know it is atleast reliable)

One should be especially careful to avoid midday sun exposure. Midday summer sunlight has the greatest concentration and intensity of UVB and UVA rays.

While most of them protect from the UVB rays, they are not effective enough to the UVA rays. They penetrate the skin causing the release of free radicals, which can cause damage to DNA, which can in turn cause cancer. While most sunscreens protect from UVB, there is a lot of debate on their effectiveness against UVA.

The explanation for this paradox is unknown. I conclude that it’s better to use something atleast rather than nothing at all as the intensity of the sun are ever increasing.

After reading all these, I realise the best sunscreen I use is my jacket from shopper’s stop. (That too gifted by my friend)

Tips: Do not go out in the sun.
Wear full sleeves.
Smile! All of us will die someday.

different for the heck of it

In an erstwhile publication of a magazine, Mallika Sherawat was quoted on why she is single. She had said, "I want a guy who has got more balls than me"

I had attended Edward De Bono's supposedly last workshop in India on creative thinking.(how? I'll share some other time)
He had said that we shouldn't be different just for the sake of being different. For instance, people have rectangular doors and if we want a triangular one, we should know why and what is it's advantage or usability.

I feel Mallika is trying desperately to be different just for the heck of it. I hope she knows what she is saying. Balls!!

ignore the time

time setting has been changed. heeeeee. I won't be caught blogging at work

The sands of Cherai Beach

I woke up today to a bright morning and the plesantness of it took my mind back to the trip to Kerala, last month to attend a friend’s wedding.

As it was the first time that I visited the place, we mixed business and pleasure and went sight seeing too.
I simbly  enjoyed Ernakulum with my very hospitable Malayali Friends.

The Cherai Beach of Ernakulum is one such place, which I have carved on my memory. Unfortunately, my newly wedded friend is back to the hostel, as her hubby had to get back to Kuwait and settle things before she can join him. Well, that’s a different story altogether.

Humming a song to myself at the start of this beautiful day, I went to have breakfast in the refectory and when breakfast was served I saw the sands of cherai beach on my plate.

The damn thing called Upma in Malayalam and Tamil and Uppid in Kanadda made of rawa from God knows where! The texture was same as the grains of the sand in the beach. A little more water could have made it edible atleast. This is proof enough that there is not enough water in Bangalore. Reminded me of the project we handled for BWWSSB, which made us aware that water in Bangalore is sourced from a 100 kms away from the city.

I told my friends it’s a memento from Kerala and we laughed it off. Now, I know the answer to how I am slim and trim.
Hail Mary!!! Thanks to my ever chubby cheeks (touch wood, bang wood, rose wood, teak wood whatever!) which makes me look well fed.

An idea just strikes me. Everyday, some corner (big space) of the major newspapers is reserved for some advertise of clinics and centres for losing weight and blah blah … One of my colleagues had spent 10k for shedding a few kilos. Wow! I can just give them my hostel address. I’ll give this idea as a business proposal to my warden and earn commission.

It is at the nuclei of the city, clean and for the kind of food we get, she can even increase the rent. Afterall, packaging is what matters. This could be the USP too. I would be minting money and become rich overnight. More than 200 women flock the place too.

So, VLCC and your counterparts, pack your bags. Here I am, this is me…

Sunday, May 16, 2004

mein hoon naa

I watch all the movies that I review in the first week itself, but somehow ting tong ting tong ting tong
Well, here is my angle to “Mein Hoon Naa”
Sushmita Sen: Sexy! I went for her. She’s got the look, the body and the moves too. Watched her with dilated pupils.
Who else were there?Yes, I feel like hooking an army officer now. Anybody game?
Songs: I thought of someone
Action sequences and special effects: Reminds me of this joke. U.S makes the thinnest wire possible, Japan pokes a hole inside it and India marks ‘ Made it India’ on it. We are damn good at the art of copying. I don’t know if it was Arnold in the climax too.
Comic situations: Leave your brains behind. Everybody laughed. Maybe because they have payed for it. I laughed louder cos my friend payed.

I appreciate Farha for showing all the crew on and off the screen. Eh! Manish Malhotra’s clothes are better looking than him.

Need to borrow Shah Rukh's Tri-cycle for going to work.

weekend and eternal flame

Weekend was good and I was busy with scrubbing, cleaning, house keeping , writing, reading, organising, helping friends with the steps for their dance too. Birthday Function for this month is coming up and I being one of the main cultural-in-charge have to do my bit.

This is also one reason, why my fromula 44 works. This time however, I am not planning to dance. Maybe I'd lend my voice. When other people sing, I had my share of fun. Commenting from back stage that it is as euphonic as tyres on the gravel. Let me give others a chance this time to confirm that humans bray in tune sometimes, out of it. ha!

Caught up with old friends on the phone one of them, Judy, my childhood buddy. God! we have been friends for more than 20 years. Besides the fact that I don't know how to count my own age beyond 22, our friendship has really matured.

From nursery rhymes, barbie dolls, comics, pimples, boys, secondary school, Mills and Boons, crushes to boyfriends ... we have come a long way.

She has finished her Medical School and I am keeping my fingers, hands, toes, eyes crossed that she gets a good seat in P.G which would be alotted soon. If she becomes a gynaecologist, what and all I have to show her someday! :)

She was at a party in Noida when I called up. I said lets sing and started ‘Eternal Flames.’ The song has been sung and resung by Atomic kitten, Human Nature and The bangles. I was singing 'The bangles' version though the lyrics is the same:-). Judy joined from the other line. Sweet of her even when in a party! But, I don't know whose version she was singing.???

I am happy for all my friends. All are doing well in their chosen field. I will also be someone someday. Am I only dreaming, or is this burning an eternal flame?

It is and it has got to be, I am ready to knock heads with life, I am on the run, the highway is my home...

Amidst all the activities, I had time for myself too. Pondered, mused over what could be and what didn't, some sweet memories, some regrets…

Saturday, May 15, 2004

angel daughter and the dragon mom

Jenny and me were seeing some white kurtis and cotton pants in ‘The wearhouse’ the other day when suddenly, this cute child comes running in our direction.

She was pretty with curly hair and wore spaghetti top with cute pants. I just touched her head smiling. Mommy dear just appears from nowhere and gave a stare of a lifetime as though we were playing step mom to her daughter. The frown on her face conveyed we had shanghied (obsolete word for kidnapped. I love using it) the kid or were hatching such a scheme.

The compliment that she had a lovely kid was left unsaid at the tip of my tongue. I’ll save it for Jenny someday better still for myself. I dedicate this line from ‘The Godfather’ to this mommy,

Angel daughter and the dragon mom!

A tribute to my homeland!!

Beyond the horizon, lies the dream, beyond the dream this reality…
Nestled in the northeast of India and embraced by the seven ranges of hills, lies this place, ‘Manipur’ where nature has been extra generous in its bounty.

So near yet so far!
Gifted the world the game of polo and many a sportsman galore. The Siroy Lily plays in the lap of nature untouched and unaware of the vices of this world. The many orchids beckon and awaits to be explored. It is rightly said that the best flowers are found in the wild.

Clinging to its fragile existence, the Shangai or the brow entlered deer (servus eldi eldi) dances in His glory in the floating islands.

The dances and music echos the rich cultural ethos. The sound of the Mridangam resonates the gales from time immemorial.

I cannot call it God’s own country because He is lonely up there. This is where His myriads of angels play. My land, My home, My roots…

This is where I found my first teacher, my first friend and where a dream was born.

Idle Banters

Me: Why do you want?
He: I cannot talk to a wall
Me: only A so far
Me: he was 5’9’’
He : he is now 5’11”
Me: sleeping?
He: No, it’s ok. Worked the whole night
Me: I am doing this project and that
He: I am working on this and that
Me: I’ll hang up
He: no, talk for some more time
Me: Boss doesn’t pay me for talking to you.
He: you didn’t come when I invited you to dinner
Me: how could I? I didn’t even know you then.
He: life changes you to be a better person.
Me: umm, it’s tough
He: you will have a nervous breakdown if somebody leaves you. Be strong and be prepared. I am a gay, an American by birth, Indian by accident
Me: you are a gay? I am a lesbian ( convulsed into laughter)
He: I am a womansier
Me: I am a maniser ( coined a new term)
He: watching this movie
Me: I know, don’t immitate those retired uncles.
He: seeing ABCDE
Me: parents considering them
He: go for an arranged marriage
Me: what if he turns out to be an SOB?
He : friend told arranged is better
Me: I am telling love is better. BTW, how long does it take for someone to fall in love?
He: a day
Me: that’s too short
He: a life time
Me: that’s too long
He: a week
Me: ok, take care and bye
He: go with an open mind and don’t compare
Me: eh! Saw your profile. Change the age, height, caste of your prospect
He: done, 5 ft and above, 23 and above, caste, community no bar.
Me: so sweet of you. Give me a concept for …
He: make a unique one
Me: dumbo, I know it has to be unique
He: she is getting divorced. Called me up
Me: I’ll kick you’re a@$# if you go to her. Left you when she didn’t need you. Ask her to F@$& off.
He: She was dominating. Seeing anyone?
Me: heck no, but it’s raining men
He: I am coming to see her. Will meet you too.
Me: my pleasure, I’ll tell her your history too. Who is she?
He: getting married. Love on the net
Me: congrats! I remember somebody preachin arranged marriage
He: (grins!) see baby, if it’s the first time, you like everything about the person. So, don’t compare and have an open mind.
Me: umm, the hundreth time you are telling me. I’ll give myself some more time. Shit! I missed the ticket. RAC available?
He: laughs! Shall I cancell the ticket?
Me: laughs! Take care . You deserve to be happy
He: she thinks I am a gentleman
Me: so, you are that’s why you are bakrafied.
Friendship knows no age or geographical boundaries. A friend with whom I was completely myself. I am so happy he has found his soulmate. His utterly unpretentious charm is the most endearing. May his honeymoon last a lifetime!

it takes two to tango

Me: hai bhagwan!
Padds: Mujhe bulaya?
Me: I said hai Bhagwan not hai Yamraj!

It takes two to tango

Friday, May 14, 2004

The wow factor!

Ibungo called up. I said I am getting used to the idea of being single and asked him about his life. He said, he chatted with his off and on girlfriend. Have never met her and she seems to be a very pretty dame.

He said, 'well, she is damn good looking. Many guys were after her and she was my girl. It was nothing like it. If I somehow get to marry her, I would be the envy of my peers. People would just not stop bantering wow! But, I am realising that we are indeed not compatible and it's dawning on me that I have been behind this wow factor all these times surrendering myself to her charms. Just to show off to people of my prized possession. You know, your life partner should be like your favourite shoes. Perfectly fitting, no compromise and something which you can just wear and run anytime, anyday, anywhere. I am not saying I cannot live with her but, I want somebody who would love me for what I am.'

Finally, everybody utters the age old saying, 'I want somebody to love me for what I am'. Makes sense though, 'like begets like' mooli of the same khet stuffs. I don't know why this has to happen to all my friends? Almost all of us are single (again) now. All in good careers, sensible, caring and all sour with love. But, then it would be boring if love would be a bounded entity with one definiton. As Neo in Matrix says, 'it's the question that makes you go on.' If not the destiny, it makes the ride interesting atleast.

If this female comes back to him and starts sweet talking, I know he will fall flat again like a teenager, though he is in his tweens (ref: The Lord Of the Rings) now, between childhood and coming of age meaning twenties that too the other side of it.

He says he has learnt his lessons. He is not realising he has never forgotten it either. For now, I let my doubts sleep but uneasily.
It's awfully simple to fall in love, and simply awful to come out of it.
The wow factor!

For me, from me

Zindagi keisi hai paheli hai
Kabhie ye hasaye kabhie ye rulaye

Ajib dastaan hai ye
Kaha shuru kahaan khatam
Ye manzile hai kaun si
Na wo samajh sake na hum

Ek akela ish shehar mein
Raat me aur do peher mein,
aabudana dhoondta hai
aashiana dhoondta hai

mein bhool jawung tumhe
ab yahi munaseeb hain
magar bhoolna bhi chahung to kis tarha bhoolung
ke tum to phirbhi haqeeqat ho
koyi khab nahi

E mere udas mann
Chal dono kahi door challe
Mere humdum teri manzil
Ye nahi ye nahi
Koyi aur hain

Sach mere yaar hain
Bas wohi pyar hai
Jiske badle me koyi to pyar de
Baaki bekar hai yaar mere

Life teases me

The rain teased the city yesterday. After the schorching heat, it was regalement.

Holding a steaming coffee, I sat by my window, gazing and admiring the crystals being formed by the water droplets on the leaves of the gooseberry tree. I could hear Dency talking loudly on her mobile in her room. Come sun, rain, hail or snow, she remain married to her cell for better or for worse.

Juxtapositioned myself with the rain. I see a glimmer of hope and when I reach out, it always vanishes. Life teases me! Alone in this city, no family, no relatives, trying to carve a niche for myself. I sometimes wonder, if it is worth it? What have I gained or lost in the bargain?

How lonely you could get even in a crowd! After Jenny vacated, I never got close to anybody though I am a secret pot for many of them. Life teases me, she teases me too.

SMSed to someone to whom I meant more than something sometime back. The reply came, 'I am fine. Infact, couldn't be better.' Hurt or nonchalance? I didn't know, I didn't want to know. All I knew was that something in me had died too, maybe my spirit on a rainy day.

Drifted to my childhood, my salad days, carefree and careless. Paper boats, fishes swimming down the drain and mama scolding us lest we fall sick. Two big brothers to look up to and a big sis to defend all my sinister acts. Not that I was spared the rod, I got my fair share of it. But, I was papa's pet and the kitchen queen.

I grew up in front of the mirror. Second brother used to comment that if there was one more mirror in that room, I would never come out of it.

Then there was sis drumming the table and making me sing out loud everytime our neighbour started her singing lessons. We were devils.

Eldest brother would wake me up quitely at night (to avoid dad scolding him for disturbing my sleep) to catch my favourite Deigo Maradona playing the world cup. He would prepare tea and snacks and I would finish them.

My hero is fighting for his life due to a coronary heart attack. I pray for his speedy recovery. His career escalated during 1975 to 1997. Always in the papers for the wrong reasons like Michael Jackson. Bad life or a weak conscience but a good person for me and many of his fans. I supported him then and I support him now.
I recuperated from my wayward thoughts of the past and the present.

Childhood days, I still wish I could relive them.
Bruised knees are easier to heal than a broken heart.

sugar coated syntaxes

Ladies and Gentleman, here comes Aishwarya Rai…
All heads turn. And they say you love a woman not because she is beautiful but, she is beautiful because you love her. Huh! Sugar coated syntaxes.

reproductive healthcare

Almost six months back, I received this small web film on reproductive healthcare of the United Nations Population Fund, it touched me then, I received it today again. So, I copied the lines
In the world today,
more than 37,000,000 people have been displaced by war
over 67% are women and girls
They need...
and protection

they also need...
health care

During war and in refugee settings...
Women don't stop getting pregnant or having babies

Violence against women and rape escalate
and HIV, AIDS thrives

Among Afghan refugees,
complication of pregnancy and childbirth
are leading cause of death for women
leaving thousands of families without a mother
In eastern Congo...
Violence against women is a deliberate strategy of war
leaving thousands in need of medical treatment and support

For women affected by war
not having basic materials for clean childbirth,
access to emergency obsteric centre
or even a condom
can be a death sentence

Reproductive health care is not a luxury
Reproductive health care is a human right
Reproductive health care saves lives.

one liners

Read in the paper recently about one liner smses to ditch someone. After reading it, I just remembered my line whenever I reject a guy,
"You are the last person I'd wish to hurt but, I can't help it."
God knows to how many I've said, mailed or written this:)

murder! she survived

I watched the movie last month but, I am sharing it now. I know many must have watched it but, I am not reviewing 'Titanic' for God's sake. So, here it is... Friends told me that Mallika Sherawat has put Bips to shame in the movie 'Murder'.
Well, Mallika has done justice to her role and I liked the movie for reasons best known to me. But, I cannot compare her to Bips. Bips is hot and sexy even when she is fully clothed without having to integrate or differentiate them. Mallika only threatens the business of the garment industry for wearing or not wearing them.

Good camera works. It shows but doesn’t show. So, you can see but cannot see. Got it? Wink! Wink!
Anu Malik has done a good job. ‘Kaho na Kaho’ is a popular number but my personal favourite is the other number sung by Kunal Ganjawal. The lyrics is bold and goes like this
Bheege Honth tere,
pyasa dil mera…
Kabhi mere saath, koyi raat guzaar, tujhe subha tak mein karu pyar!
Reminds me of the english number I’ll make love to you…

In zest and good spirit, I sang this song to a male friend and he said,” aap raat se subhah tak mujhe pyar karo, me uuff tak nahi bolunga” LMAO! (Laughed My Ass Off)

Fifty first dates
It’s a cool movie and I recommend everyone to watch it. Adam Sandler is a big time flirt and meets Drew Berrymoore who has lost her memory. How? Well, she and her father meet with an accident on his birthday when a stray cow (or was it a bull? eeks! I'm confused over the gender) comes on their way and to save the poor soul, hit a tree. She wakes up to this day everyday as her temporal lobe gets damaged. I’ll ask a neurosurgeon (yes, a famous one in the country is our client) the medical terminology of her state.

The movie revolves around this flirt trying to win her love everyday. But, what intrigues me is the existence of such a guy who is so patient and madly in love with a person like this. I haven’t atleast met one in my so many years of spinsterhood.
1. All guys are MCPs (read Male Chauvisnistic Pigs). Ignore them and they’ll follow you
2. Guys are suckers for good looks. If you are pretty, you are in demand (+ or – brains)

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Me, myself and Jennifer D'Souza (smart ass we!)

Jennifer as in Jennifer Capriati, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez. I registered her name this way the first time we were introduced. People like their names remembered. She introduced me to her paltan of 'femme fatale' at dinner. Associated the appellations to something and memorised them too.

Later, she showed me the place to dispose this, the place to dispose that, the place to collect this, the place to collect that, the place for rosary blah blah blah. Yes, I am put up in a convent. No, I am not becoming a nun. It just happens to be a working women's hostel by accident. The book of rules say, we have to be in the hostel by 7.30 p.m and give attendance too before dinner.

Rules are made to be broken as we all know, and I really bend them if not break them. Patience is the mantra and you require certain assets like giving time to the warden and listen to her tale of God's goodness, behave within 100 meters of the hostel etc. Formulala no.44.

Our friendship efflorescenced here and she became Jenny. We were a hit pair, me like an 'i' and she like a longer 'i' (¡l). Organised many events, rocked and danced together. She, with her famous temper and me, with my infamous one, ice ice baby.

Made her name my battalion of family members, school friends whom she had never met and whose names were sometimes like a tongue twister to her. She did it with no sepoy mutiny. Maybe that's why we are best friends.

She had to vacate as her brother was joining her. I said I'll be missing my alarm clock and she said she would be relieved of my stories. Somehow, I didn't enter her room for almost two months which was occupied by another female soon after she left.

"Distance never separates hearts that care." I visit her at weekends and act smart in her kitchen.

What I like about Jenny:
1. Damn punctual.
2. Perfectionist.
3. Stubborn like me.
4. Knows me too well.

What I don't like about Jenny:
1. Damn punctual.
2. Perfectionist.
3. Stubborn like me.
4. Knows me too well.

yellow flowers

Sat next to this lady who was carrying a huge bag of yellow flowers, those which look like daisies. The place where they were grown must be heavenly. Managed to buy a huge bunch from her. Inserted the stalks in my carry bag and walked down the road. Felt good, pink cotton salwar, blue jute bag and a bunch of yellow flowers, hair let loose, kum kum smeared, walking down Rushtum Bagh to Oxford Chambers.

Mum is the word

Wished my mom a happy mothers’ day on 9th. She said,”thank you, they are showing it on the T.V too.” Ha! Of course, I also learnt it from the media. Peopla say the gift and card sellers need an excuse to do business. Whatever, it was nice to hear mom being so happy. Dad teased saying he wanted to prepare breakfast but, mom didn’t allow him to do it. Never knew dad was humorous.

Mom was my best friend when I was a child. In my teens, she was a little strict with me. Was it that I only drifted away, wanting my own space? Perhaps!

She always had a way of letting her displeasure known if there was anything she did not approve of. Being a teacher herself, nothing escaped her knowing gaze.

Many crisis befell our family but she stood tall and anchored us out of it with grace and grit. If something of her is in me, I’ll be a good mom someday.

Mama, I am proud to be yours!

official mail

One of the designers sent a mail to our client this way,”please find the attached file, we didn’t got the content, looking forward for meeting you”. This would be forwarded to all their department heads and I am the co-ordinator of the project. I strangled him but he did not die. I simply asked in which school he studied and that in future, I wouldn’t allow my children to even walk near it.

I said he should have atleast changed the word ‘meeting’ to ‘mating’ and he laughed also.

Beginner's enthu

Well, I have been toying with the idea of starting my own blog for quite sometime now. As you call it the beginner's enthusiasm, I am all set to post some personal thoughts in a row. The dates and the timings of the events may mismatch since some are haggard and old. I hope I keep it fuelled always:)

One day at a time

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow may never be mine,
for my sake, teach me to take
one day at a time.