Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pehchan kaun?

I love my job, I love my colleagues, I am planning to stay in my company and take the gratuity after 5 years. It seems HRs are reading blogs and hiring candidates. The blogs give them insights on the personality of the candidates. So I am going to write only good things about people and bosses. Kindly forget me cribbing about my client Mrs. M in an erstwhile organization and my boss doing the monkey act. It is in the past. I only have good things to say about my present organization. So, Pehchan Kaun? This is Karunima in the blog world. I consulted a numerologist and I have been suggested I add a ‘K’ before my name.

I say, I really admire the HR profession. Infact, I’d want to be one, the one who read blogs. I’ll put all my efforts and take it one step further by even commenting on them. To talk about my credibility, this is what has happened. Before I joined, there were some 2 bonuses in a year and two hikes. After I joined, the bonuses have become once a year with no increase in the percentage, hikes are still unheard of at least until today. My team used to get overseas assignments. We are not software programmers and we are not sent for long durations, but it was there. After I joined, that has also stopped. Therefore, I am the right candidate to be hired by all counts, not to forget that some erstwhile company that I worked for has closed down or has changed the line of business.

That was about work. I have been closely following up the papers on how Hyderabad is reeling under one tragedy after another. I am going to Hyderabad this weekend. Will be missing J as I had visited the place first with her. Bitch, why did you get married? While at it, we will be visiting a home for the aged and spend some time with them. I have always been involved in projects dealing with kids. This is going to be a different experience all together.
Wanted to meet M but the bugger has been sent to the UK for a year or so. Blessed him over the phone not to be screwed by the project. I asked him to earn a lot and buy me something nice, be it from there or from here after coming back but buy. Boy, I should have at least copied my way to an Engineering degree.
I am hoping no bridges, flyovers collapse or any blast happens at Hyderabad as one of my friends has already backed out.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Watched a play at Rangasankara with colleagues. The proceeds they said, would go to an NGO for children, Dream a Dream. It was like a school annual day function and we really enjoyed it. The play was based on a story from the Panchatantra. Many kids in the audience were so involved with the play and were screaming out ‘yes’ and ‘nos’ and replying to queries when the cast posed them questions. We laughed all the way seeing them answer. Theatre is really doing well in Bangalore. Best part about Rangasankara is that the tickets are moderately priced and the play starts dot on time. Nobody is allowed to enter after the play starts.

Talking about kids and plays, my colleague shared her experience as a parent when her child participated for a play in his school. It seems he had to be a Banyan tree. All he had to do was stand behind the prop and put his face out of the tree. She bought cardboards, drew, made cut outs, painted, hung jute ropes for the roots and finally, it was ready. After all that effort, the Banyan tree stood in one corner of the stage with her son’s face popping out quietly. Even after the play, she did not have the heart to do away with the Banyan tree and retained it in her house for a very long time.

Moral of the story: Do not ignore the vegetables and the trees in children’s plays. They are the hard work of the parents.