Thursday, May 31, 2007

Janie ke paas bandook hain

I was offered a free ticket to the concert but I had turned it down and now, I am kicking myself. Blogging for a free ticket did not help either.

Bingo (snacks) was running a competition for free tickets to Aerosmith. You have to sing his songs in any Indian Language. I was thinking if I should sing some “Janie ke paas bandook hain” but my free ticket provider agreed to buy me the ticket provided I pay for half of it as punishment for not making up my mind earlier. So, I am going on a half ticket.

On a sad note, another friend from the group was supposed to join us from Chennai but he has been asked to travel immediately. He is losing the concert ticket as well as his flight ticket.

As for me, I need not sing “Janie ke paas bandook hain” anymore.
Don’t be surprised to see me standing at the entrance and selling the ticket if the Chennai friend actually travels. I have sold movie tickets before.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Never knew

Never knew I could walk alone
until you left me.

Trying to copy saltwaterblues by adding a caption. Add your caption.

(ps: From my photographer friend, Claytonia. I guess he found my ass more worthwhile than my face for his camera.)

Monday, May 21, 2007

swimming, sleeping and some such update

The swimming classes came to an end. We thought we would take pictures in the swimsuit but my colleague lost her mobile. Actually she left it in the office and we had to abandon all plans of merrymaking. So, there will be no pictures of mine or any of my batch mate’s in the swimsuit on my blog.

Anyway, I can swim like a fish now. Mermaid is a better word. I can swim like a mermaid now though I need to join another course called diving. I just bloody cannot dive. I am scared and I fall right where I jump into, no stretching hands, no pushing myself a little further, just there.

I went to learn swimming and I learnt only that.

I used to go swimming after work and after coming back, everyday I would open Amy Tan’s “The Joy Luck Club”. There was a chapter called “the red candles” (or was it blue?). I would start reading that chapter and doze off. I’ll start all over again the next day and doze off after one or two pages. Now that the course is over, I hope I complete the book atleast.

I am getting used to myself wearing braces and people are getting used to seeing me like this. It is all about getting used to finally. Getting used to sitting in the clinic every month and paying 500 bucks even if the dentist works only for 2 minutes on your teeth. Last Saturday, I just asked him, ‘over?’ and he said ‘yes’. I was disappointed. I struggled to get an auto and reach there for the appointment. Finally, I am in and I am out in no time. He should have drilled a hole in a tooth or rewired or done something but not send me out so soon.

Watched Water. Lisa Ray looked stunning.

Somebody sponsor my ticket for Aerosmith.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Spiderman and my man

I watched the first part with one guy, the second part with another guy and the third part, yet again with another guy.

Lord, let this be the last part as I intend to get married by next year.

Friday, May 11, 2007

The power

I am grateful to whoever invented the rubber tube. It saved my life in the swimming pool the other day. The swimming classes are coming to an end in a few days from now. I am one among the best 4 learners so far, according to own statistics. Ok, one of the girls has been coming for quite sometime and she admitted that it is her fourth attempt in learning how to swim. Therefore, I am one among the 3 best as I said, according to my own statistics.

I prayed that the other learners be shapeless so that I can wear the swimsuit without feeling conscious. God answered my prayers with a pinch of salt. Some of the learners are as shapeless as possible but some of them have got striking figures. Anyway, the consciousness vanished once we entered the swimming pool, the first day itself. We are a bevy of girls kicking, splashing water and tugging at each other in the name of swimming, all in the shallow end.

It has got lots to do with how you control your breathing that I thought I should attend yoga classes to learn swimming. I have managed to cross the breadth of the pool atleast. (21 mtrs). So my take away from this class is that swimming has got to do with Yoga and to believe in the power-the power of the rubber tube.