Tuesday, November 29, 2005

To watch or not to watch

Deewane Huwe Pagal:
First thing that comes to mind- There’s something about Mary. Tanya, in this case.
The basic plot or theme is copied, so is the music.
Border and Refugee doesn’t happen everyday. Therefore, Anu Malik has resorted to what he does best: copy.
Vivek Obey-Rai (courtesy manuscrypts) is the Sutradhar. He is definitely not getting enough movies. I won’t give him even a 502 Pattaka Biddi ad to do.
Kareena Kapoor’s 'son-looking' boyfriend, Shahid Kapoor is in the movie. I can’t stand her and I can’t stand him for no fault of his.
Too many characters careen in and out of each other's lives.
I would have preferred Sushmita Sen in the lead and not Rimi Sen. She can be the cynosure of the entire cast. Rimi sen wore long skirts. I wouldn’t mind short ones from her.
Most of them act as if they are physically challenged.
Fight scenes did not look like fight scenes but rather a bike show.
Akshay's name is rocky, Paresh Rawal's name is Tommy and the dog's name is Jayanty Lal. So funny, nooooo?

Watch this movie for Akshay Kumar alone. Rocky rocks. There is one more scene near the swimming pool from Paresh Rawal that was real good.
The dance sequences are good.

My favourite scene: Akshay knows that the girl would like her man to be an architect. So, the next day, he comes with a bag with ARCHITECT written big and bold. He makes her hold it as he bashes some hired goons. Later the girl asks him,”You are an architect?” He replies, ”How did you know?” The girl showed the bag and he comments, ”Sharp eyes!!”

One time watchable preferably at home. (Roomie slept in the theatre but she ate the pop-corns)

A good woman: A young couple's marriage is put in jeopardy by high-society gossip of an affair blossoming. The combo of Helen Hunt and Scarlett Johannson cannot fail us. Based on a play by Oscar Wilde, it is an amalgamation of comedy, witty dialogues, good script and acting. A must-watch.

Some lines: Every saint has a past. Every sinner has a future.
The best way to keep your word is by not giving it away (food for thought)
Sometimes marriage is a burden and it needs to share the load between three people.

Deleted yesterday's post. It was therapeutic but I didn't like it.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Party ahoy!!

I was at the Leela Palace on Sunday, cheering for a friend in a dance competition. I was supposed to partner him but it did not happen. (long story) It also turned out that he was participating in the beginners' level meaning I have learnt much more than him. Stop yawning!! I am trying to praise myself without being very obvious. If you have a better way of doing it, kindly share thy wisdom with me .

So, I cheered and hooted and did all that was supposed to be done until they lost in the first round itself. So much for my moral support! As expected, Prasad Bidapa and Keerthi Reddy were present. The two of them along with a dance instructor were the judges. In Bangalore, one would usually chance upon Rani Jeyraj, Vasundhra Das, Vani Ganapathy, Anita Nair, Priscilla Connors besides the above two and even some cricketers cutting ribbons, admiring arts, science, non-sense et al.

Prasad Bidapa smoked holding his cigarette at 45 degrees. After the competition, Keerthi Reddy spoke “kai kai kai so good…kai kai kai so good” I don’t have to tell anything about her voice. (let her acting rest in peace)

I was so glad to see my first room-mate in Bangalore participating in the competition. We were together just for one year after which she left to do her P.G in the North. (It was some 6-7 yrs back)

Then the party began. This time, I did not resort to Sprite but to Red Bull and hence, the energy level was not very high.
Met some seniors too. They have changed the dance institute but are still dancing. I wanted to be like some girls out there who danced so well. You should see them splitting sideways, in front and almost falling flat on the ground without ever losing balance. Seriously thinking of going back to Salsa again.

Watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire after work yesterday. I carried a whistle along and acted like one Hairy Ponting fan. After all the fun in the past two days, found it too tough to wake up in the morning. yawn!!

There, I managed to spew out a post. Good bye!!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Long Winter

J marched in to my room an apple in hand around 11.30 pm. It was straight from a tree at Shimla according to her colleague. Half asleep, I had some bites and started yapping about her much awaited marriage. She had been to Mumbai to meet her would be in-laws.

I did not get sleep after she left and started flipping through the albums just to notice that we have no proper snaps together. We were always in some costume with blood red lips or even with moustaches ready to go on stage, on the stage or had just come down from the stage. In one snap, we were laughing wearing similar night dresses and in another, a pile of mehendi sat on our heads like a heap of cow dung as we displayed our not-so-lovely teeth. Some years later, I know they will be the best snaps we had together.

Her wedding is on the 22nd of Jan. She will be leaving Bangalore next month. Our days together are numbered now. My roomie is also planning to go home for Christmas. I cannot take leave for sure. Sometimes, I feel like relocating to a different city. I feel I have been clinging to this city obstinately for no reason. It is going to be a long cold winter for me. I’ll try to hold on to the warm memories.

Inspite of this despondency or melancholy, the funniest part is that the woman in me can’t help thinking what am I going to wear for the wedding? :-)

Watched The Motorcycle Diaries. It is the dramatization of a motorcycle road trip Che Guevara went on in his youth that showed him his life's calling. My heart went bling bling over Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal (learnt his name just now). He rocks.

Read Africa-The worst place there is to be a woman - who somehow manage to carry that entire continent on their backs.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

She has found a home

Brinda and Divya were disowned by their respective parents and left in the orphanage around the same time. They grew up together as playmates and friends. Divya found a family when they were a little above two (I had posted about her).

Among all the kids in the orphanage somehow, Brinda had touched me the most. This child was almost 3 and her eyes were lonely. I still remember her hesitant steps and how it took time to break the ice with her. At last, she had hugged me and gave a hearty laugh but that laugh had no sound.

Nishita (friend’s niece) and Ankita (my niece) are in the same age group of Brinda and they are very naughty. They scream, sing and shout over the phone and make us all dance to their tunes. They are so exuberant and keep bouncing around gaily so unlike Brinda. I wished Brinda would find that sense of security in a home, the love of a family and add music to that silent laughter.

Brinda has been adopted. She has left for the States. yeah!!!!! Now, Aryamaan and Neela has also been adopted. The number of children in the children's home has also reduced. Glad to know it.

I salute the ayas there who has been caring for the kids as their own. It takes much more than love to do it.

Watched Kyon Ki. It is a shitty movie and not even worth a pirated CD. Should be watched while channel surfing. Personally, I would prefer watching the commercials.
Seems it is copied from a 20 yr old Malayalam movie.

I could see parts of it being stolen from the Waheeda Rehman starrer, Khamoshi. (It is one of my favourite movies with lovely songs). It is not even one percent as good as Khamoshi.
Assholes! they can't even copy it properly. Can’t believe it is Priyadarshan’s movie.