Monday, October 24, 2011

I am scared

I am at my relative's place these days. I am scared to tread outside the house. I am afraid SRK and his banner will just appear out of no where.  He is chamak chalo-ing on every channel, every show, and every ad and thank God, I personally do not own a T.V. I work from home these days.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

when a woman wants to be a mother

If you are under 18, go and read something else.

When I wanted to buy a microwave oven some years back, I saw a print ad with the image of Lord Ganesh on the front panel. I wondered how it could be possible for a microwave to have Ganesha on the face. I realized it was the ad of a digital camera but I wanted to see an oven so, I assumed it to be one. When I wanted to buy a house, I saw only ads of flats, on the billboards, the papers, magazines, just about everywhere. Paulo Coelho and whatever the ding dong about the universe conspiring you to get what you want, the mind definitely play tricks and makes you see what you want to see. Now, I seem to see only pregnant women, or women with small babies. In the U.S specially, the complex where we lived was Indian dominated. Many of the women there were in their twenties or early thirties, and I guess they felt it was the best time to have kids. I saw only preggy or young mothers everywhere to add more pressure to a wannabe like me. The following is written after some group therapy with fellow women in their 30s.
So, when a woman badly wants to get pregnant: 
• She looks longingly at the wine bottle in the fridge every day, just to open it the day her periods start and repeats this every month.  
• She reads up all possible articles on pregnancy. 
• She tracks her ovulation cycle and calculates and recalculates the same thing over and over again. 
• She suffers from IPS (Imaginary Pregnancy Syndrome). She feels pukish or pee often for no reason. 
• She does pregnancy tests before time, and stocks the test kits. 
• She doesn’t care whether her husband has just had a long day and then a long overseas call after work, her ovulation cycle is the most important thing in the world.  
• She sees only babies everywhere and pregnant mothers. 
• The whole world seem to be pregnant. 
• Babies are suddenly cute, even when they pluck flowers, which bloomed after 6 months in the apartment complex, and destroy them.
• She doesn’t wonder anymore why parents have to bring them kids to malls, and leave them everywhere, howling and bawling.

To prove my point about pregnant moms and kids everywhere, I have this photo as a proof. Isn’t the whole world pregnant!?