Saturday, May 15, 2004

Idle Banters

Me: Why do you want?
He: I cannot talk to a wall
Me: only A so far
Me: he was 5’9’’
He : he is now 5’11”
Me: sleeping?
He: No, it’s ok. Worked the whole night
Me: I am doing this project and that
He: I am working on this and that
Me: I’ll hang up
He: no, talk for some more time
Me: Boss doesn’t pay me for talking to you.
He: you didn’t come when I invited you to dinner
Me: how could I? I didn’t even know you then.
He: life changes you to be a better person.
Me: umm, it’s tough
He: you will have a nervous breakdown if somebody leaves you. Be strong and be prepared. I am a gay, an American by birth, Indian by accident
Me: you are a gay? I am a lesbian ( convulsed into laughter)
He: I am a womansier
Me: I am a maniser ( coined a new term)
He: watching this movie
Me: I know, don’t immitate those retired uncles.
He: seeing ABCDE
Me: parents considering them
He: go for an arranged marriage
Me: what if he turns out to be an SOB?
He : friend told arranged is better
Me: I am telling love is better. BTW, how long does it take for someone to fall in love?
He: a day
Me: that’s too short
He: a life time
Me: that’s too long
He: a week
Me: ok, take care and bye
He: go with an open mind and don’t compare
Me: eh! Saw your profile. Change the age, height, caste of your prospect
He: done, 5 ft and above, 23 and above, caste, community no bar.
Me: so sweet of you. Give me a concept for …
He: make a unique one
Me: dumbo, I know it has to be unique
He: she is getting divorced. Called me up
Me: I’ll kick you’re a@$# if you go to her. Left you when she didn’t need you. Ask her to F@$& off.
He: She was dominating. Seeing anyone?
Me: heck no, but it’s raining men
He: I am coming to see her. Will meet you too.
Me: my pleasure, I’ll tell her your history too. Who is she?
He: getting married. Love on the net
Me: congrats! I remember somebody preachin arranged marriage
He: (grins!) see baby, if it’s the first time, you like everything about the person. So, don’t compare and have an open mind.
Me: umm, the hundreth time you are telling me. I’ll give myself some more time. Shit! I missed the ticket. RAC available?
He: laughs! Shall I cancell the ticket?
Me: laughs! Take care . You deserve to be happy
He: she thinks I am a gentleman
Me: so, you are that’s why you are bakrafied.
Friendship knows no age or geographical boundaries. A friend with whom I was completely myself. I am so happy he has found his soulmate. His utterly unpretentious charm is the most endearing. May his honeymoon last a lifetime!

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Anonymous said...

Not Alltogether idle :)
And yes good one!
You are Simple and Stylish ...