Thursday, September 28, 2006

grow up

“Every single day
I think of the times
When you were still mine
And I’m blue
Got to get away
Get you out of my mind
I’m caught up in time
And I’m blue”

Teaching myself to consider some mails and ids as spam.
Teaching myself to wake up and smell the cofee or perhaps, some vodka
Teaching myself to uncare, unfeel, unhear or unlive the past.
Teaching myself to Grow Up.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Paanch ka do

When I read some tags I say, 'oh! another tag' but if I don't get tagged then I wonder why nobody wants to know my opinion. Many tags are doing the rounds that it is a 'paanch ka do' (2 for 5 rs) scenario of the local vegetable market. So, Chander tagged me and I have changed the title so that you cannot escape this post. ha ha ha (devilish laughter! )

So, here goes my me me and only me.

I am thinking about.. many things. If I should start doing what I actually do once I complete 3 or 4 months in an organization - attend interviews. About the demo I need to give, the conference call later. To prepare fish cutlet or fish fry though I know I’ll end up cooking chicken as I eat chicken when I am sad or when I am happy, whether to paint my nails pink or any other colour or to pick up a fight with roomie if I don’t want to cook.

I said...Emraan Hasmi triggers a hormone in me. The hormone shootrophine, responsible for inducing feelings like shooting down a person.

I want to... shake my bon bon. Jokes apart, I want to settle in the country post retirement.

I wish...I could remove snakes from the planet even if they were Sridevis in disguise.

I hear…songs which I hate, ringing in my ears. It often happens that I don’t want to hum it but it comes automatically. Can you imagine somebody humming "Bholi bhaali ladki, khol teri dilki pyar waali khidki ho ho ho” every 15 minutes?

I wonder...if God created me with second-hand parts. I have been visiting the doctor for one part after the other. Health problems which do not kill but problems nevertheless.

I regret...not many things. Learnt from my mistakes. I have taken enough risk in life with my career and also for love.

I am...a veryyyy nice person. I am sorry if your perception was/is wrong.

I dance… the Manipuri folk and classical dances, a little bit of Meregue, Cha cha cha, Salsa, Jive and bollywood jhatka-matkas. I also dance like Mithun and Govinda. I specialise in the number,”I am a disco dancer’ and I don’t care whether my hips lie or not.

I sing...fairly well. Won some competions which I only know of. I threaten my colleagues that I will start singing if they do not play the music and they oblige without a second thought. Nobody appreciates talent these days. When the country has gone crazy after Himesh crooning ‘e Hazooonnrrrrr’, what can I expect?

I cry...Easily. Sometimes, for people who care too little and I cry buckets if I please.

I am not always...moody, crying or bitching. I am quite a cheerful and a positive person.

I make with my hands... paper planes, boats, my bed, my hair, my destiny. I also make people relax as I give good massage with my hands. (Learnt from friends in hostel). I am sure I can make love too.

I write... here to fume, frown, for fun and frolic.

I confuse...myself over silly things and confuse others with my confusion.

I need ... to be needed, to be treasured, to be wanted and of course good sleep.

And finally... (will link up the URLs later)

acoustic dreamer
anshuman ghosh
vanguard leading a new life
Goan Pao

Let us make some more noise.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

United 93

The sequence of events that shook the world!

There were no big stars in this movie and it made it all the more realistsic. Based upon the recordings in the pilot cabin and the calls made by the passengers aboard the doomed United Flight 93, one of the planes hijacked on September 11, 2001, the director, Paul Greengrass tries to create what could have possibly happened inside the plane on that fateful day.

To me it did not appear as a movie but something happening real time. It was so gripping. The unpreparedness of the personells, the confusions, the harrowing experiences and the shock at the control rooms as they see one hijacked plane crash after the other and of course the humanism and the heroic efforts and the sacrifice of the passengers on board when they folied the plan of the terrorists.

The theatre was packed and we were all pin-drop silent. Unfortunately, my health gave way and I couldn’t watch the last bit as I had been throwing up due to severe headches the past week.

Even now, I can’t help wondering somebody actually did that to America and Osama is still believed to be alive.

Monday, September 04, 2006

updates and lessons learnt

Was bed-ridden for a few days due to fever. I was a little stressed.

I had fever because I was stressed and I was stressed because I have been sleeping in the training room with my eyes wide open for 4-5 hours a day the past 3 weeks. I am planning to break my own record if I get another opportunity to attend another training hoping next time it would be a month long one.

Why attend the training? You know and I know that at appraisal time, I cannot say I have been blogging actively and participating in online debates. Now, having attended all these tranings, I can wax eloquent in team meetings or even in the washroom if I chance upon my Manager.

Anyways, I am back to health, work and ofcourse, blogging.

Somehow I was missing my little niece too. Been looking at her snaps. She is a lovely child.

Lessons learnt:
At Salsa classes: AXE and Addidas are the most common deos among men.
After watching KANK: Karan Johar is gay. Only a gay can believe in that story.