Tuesday, May 18, 2004

La Belle Dame sans Merci

Donned my thinking head to manoeuvre my thought process and churn out some succulent work. Myriads of ideas were dancing in my minds eye, permeating across the mantle. The neurons were in action and grey matter and white matter were playing their part. Yes, it was crystallising into something subjective when suddenly I hear this irritating buzz.

I cursed, ”Damn you tiny being! If that is your lingua franca, I am not interested. I am the La Belle Dame sans Merci and I have no mercy for you tonight. How the hell have you the audacity to exercise any political, social or economic freedom to linger around my well lotioned skin? If I could, I would erase your clan and race, Anopheles, Culex, Plasmodium,... whatever from the surface of the earth. You trespassed and now face the penalty. You have to be murdered. Akramannn! take this and this and this...”

I terminated it with much skill but the action left me looking like an eunuch that my creativity vanished into thin air.


romila said...

hey kid, good going....just check into your blog today and well!its heartening to see u up and writing with enthu. Great keep it up....good posts...

Anonymous said...

Aint eunuch a better left term for your opposite sex. Use a Mosquito repellant, it is a better option than doing a boycott on the internet against them. I just realized there were made by Sarumon in his dark realm. ---- Legolas