Friday, May 14, 2004

The wow factor!

Ibungo called up. I said I am getting used to the idea of being single and asked him about his life. He said, he chatted with his off and on girlfriend. Have never met her and she seems to be a very pretty dame.

He said, 'well, she is damn good looking. Many guys were after her and she was my girl. It was nothing like it. If I somehow get to marry her, I would be the envy of my peers. People would just not stop bantering wow! But, I am realising that we are indeed not compatible and it's dawning on me that I have been behind this wow factor all these times surrendering myself to her charms. Just to show off to people of my prized possession. You know, your life partner should be like your favourite shoes. Perfectly fitting, no compromise and something which you can just wear and run anytime, anyday, anywhere. I am not saying I cannot live with her but, I want somebody who would love me for what I am.'

Finally, everybody utters the age old saying, 'I want somebody to love me for what I am'. Makes sense though, 'like begets like' mooli of the same khet stuffs. I don't know why this has to happen to all my friends? Almost all of us are single (again) now. All in good careers, sensible, caring and all sour with love. But, then it would be boring if love would be a bounded entity with one definiton. As Neo in Matrix says, 'it's the question that makes you go on.' If not the destiny, it makes the ride interesting atleast.

If this female comes back to him and starts sweet talking, I know he will fall flat again like a teenager, though he is in his tweens (ref: The Lord Of the Rings) now, between childhood and coming of age meaning twenties that too the other side of it.

He says he has learnt his lessons. He is not realising he has never forgotten it either. For now, I let my doubts sleep but uneasily.
It's awfully simple to fall in love, and simply awful to come out of it.
The wow factor!

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