Friday, May 14, 2004

reproductive healthcare

Almost six months back, I received this small web film on reproductive healthcare of the United Nations Population Fund, it touched me then, I received it today again. So, I copied the lines
In the world today,
more than 37,000,000 people have been displaced by war
over 67% are women and girls
They need...
and protection

they also need...
health care

During war and in refugee settings...
Women don't stop getting pregnant or having babies

Violence against women and rape escalate
and HIV, AIDS thrives

Among Afghan refugees,
complication of pregnancy and childbirth
are leading cause of death for women
leaving thousands of families without a mother
In eastern Congo...
Violence against women is a deliberate strategy of war
leaving thousands in need of medical treatment and support

For women affected by war
not having basic materials for clean childbirth,
access to emergency obsteric centre
or even a condom
can be a death sentence

Reproductive health care is not a luxury
Reproductive health care is a human right
Reproductive health care saves lives.

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