Friday, May 14, 2004

murder! she survived

I watched the movie last month but, I am sharing it now. I know many must have watched it but, I am not reviewing 'Titanic' for God's sake. So, here it is... Friends told me that Mallika Sherawat has put Bips to shame in the movie 'Murder'.
Well, Mallika has done justice to her role and I liked the movie for reasons best known to me. But, I cannot compare her to Bips. Bips is hot and sexy even when she is fully clothed without having to integrate or differentiate them. Mallika only threatens the business of the garment industry for wearing or not wearing them.

Good camera works. It shows but doesn’t show. So, you can see but cannot see. Got it? Wink! Wink!
Anu Malik has done a good job. ‘Kaho na Kaho’ is a popular number but my personal favourite is the other number sung by Kunal Ganjawal. The lyrics is bold and goes like this
Bheege Honth tere,
pyasa dil mera…
Kabhi mere saath, koyi raat guzaar, tujhe subha tak mein karu pyar!
Reminds me of the english number I’ll make love to you…

In zest and good spirit, I sang this song to a male friend and he said,” aap raat se subhah tak mujhe pyar karo, me uuff tak nahi bolunga” LMAO! (Laughed My Ass Off)

Fifty first dates
It’s a cool movie and I recommend everyone to watch it. Adam Sandler is a big time flirt and meets Drew Berrymoore who has lost her memory. How? Well, she and her father meet with an accident on his birthday when a stray cow (or was it a bull? eeks! I'm confused over the gender) comes on their way and to save the poor soul, hit a tree. She wakes up to this day everyday as her temporal lobe gets damaged. I’ll ask a neurosurgeon (yes, a famous one in the country is our client) the medical terminology of her state.

The movie revolves around this flirt trying to win her love everyday. But, what intrigues me is the existence of such a guy who is so patient and madly in love with a person like this. I haven’t atleast met one in my so many years of spinsterhood.
1. All guys are MCPs (read Male Chauvisnistic Pigs). Ignore them and they’ll follow you
2. Guys are suckers for good looks. If you are pretty, you are in demand (+ or – brains)


Whatchulookingat? said...

I find your writing absolutely fascinating. I've decided to read through all of your posts, since you started blogging. I'm going to write comments on ones that I feel like writing comments on. I don't know why, cause I can't see any reason why you would revisit these month old blogs and read the comments.

1) Not all men are MCP's. Have some faith. There are good ones out there. In every suffrage movement, I can bet that there has been at least one male. This doesn't necessarily mean they aren't MCP's, but there's a good chance they aren't.
2) I apologize for being so cliche, but "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Everyone has their own version of pretty.

kunalc said...

hey i liked 50 first dates too....devoted a blog to it.....