Saturday, July 31, 2004

2 minutes

After movies on aforestation, deforestation, urbanisation, drought, coconuts, this happened. I was supposed to script a 2 minutes film for a diagnostic centre and I had no idea. Went to the rest room many times to see if some Eurekas happened. Nothing helped.
I started ‘you are Vital’, then something like ‘we are Vital’, naturally ‘they are vital’ followed.
I had researched and developed all the content for their website and brochure and finally I sat blank.
3 minutes before the deadline got the concept, which was approved. Sold it by saying that it is just for 2 minutes and as we show the rushes of the infrastructure we can show these lines on the screen.
" A boon to the diagnostic world"
" Comforting ambience, far removed from the conventional sight and smells"
" State-of-the-art technology"
" Accurate results in the shortest time"
" Expertise and professionalism under one roof"
" People-centric, cost effective"
Finally, "quality of service is our continuous commitment and concern"
Then on a blank screen the logo and their punch line.


Amit Goel said...

did u lie down naked in the bath-tub..coz' "eureka" can happen like that .but its condition is that u have run out on streets like that after 'eureka' happens

Manish said...

Sometimes 'Eurekas'also happen during sleeps. Next time try taking a nap :-)

MMN said...

How about "It's your life, but we know better what is wrong with it?" :)

romila said...

hey kid, everbody gets a bad hair day, creative line is no exception. Experience tells me that I get the best creative concept just 3 minutes to the deadline. something to do with my boss eating my head.Lol.

n.b: Appreciate your dilligent discipline Blogging.Kudos.

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