Saturday, July 03, 2004

the times

This is a mail I received 1 hour back from a friend. Somehow, I could relate it to myself. We are all the same going through the best of our times, the worst of our times, the times of our lives.

' is nice.just wondering that you are enjoying a lot if at
all that is what enjoyment is.never mind.
things seems to be cool on your side.wondering if u
replied my last mail.again never mind.
it happens this way when one is very busy.i m also not
an exception.

anyway how is life?
if u have any contacts with ... please tell her
"congratulations" from my's a very long time
that i wrote to her congratulatin her but it seems that
she hasn't checked that mail so fact i sms her
congratulating her but it was never acknowledged.wish
her luck also.please tell her not to write to me again
as i have stopped reading mails from all the people,
except my family members, including you. sorry in case i
have hurt u saying this.but it is far and much better
to be clear than to be in case u don't have
any contacts with her then u can forget it and remain

the remaining part of this mail u can read at your own
disposal but it is not compulsory.u can directly go to
the last paragraph.

u might be thinking that i m a bit temperd today as u
can make out from the tone of my writing.
is it because i do not have anybody to write to?
gaps and distances and the way of learning and
perceiving things have made us different in the way of
looking at things and making conclusions from
a result of which i know tht u will never appreciate
wht i am trying to say.from time to time a certain
disbelief in kinds of human relations and the way
people try to show off has raised troubling questions
to myself and to some of which i can only be normal by
taking refuge in my own way consoling saying blah blah
blah.i shud not thank you neither shud i say sorry if
u feel tht i have wasted your time writing such a long
mail.i told u beforehand tht u r reading it at your
own disposal.

thought tht writing to sbody will ease me a bit as is
commonly said but in this case i think it is not true.
the pain is still there.the pain won't
go so easily.the disbelief however is still there.

all the best.
make great strides

(u need not take the trouble of replying to me.i
express my thankfulness to u for reading the first


J. Allen Brown said...

Hi I stumbled on your blog enjoyed reading it. I wish you all the best. -Allen

Anonymous said...

making a 'private' mail public is no 'smartness'!

Lazydad said...

so did u write to her... i guess even if she says this she must be reading all mail.. i guess u shud try to make her believe u need to be the exception..

Arunima said...

yes,lazy dad. I did and we are back to mailing each other. And Anonymous, the permission was sought. I am a good friend. Atleast that part I am sure. thanks anyway.