Thursday, July 08, 2004

make way for the super model, Natasha John

Ladies and gentlemen, hold your breath for I present before you, the one and only Natasha John. Please do not miss her catwalk down the ramp. Oops, she can only stand.
Just nine months old, she is the baby model of our diaper ad.

After many rounds of meetings and mind boggling sessions with our client, the shoot happened yesterday. It was supposed to be for 20 seconds but had to slash it to 10 seconds.

That guy really made us run around. Idiot! he is from IIM Ahmedabad I guess with some 20 years of experience. so what? All clients are idiots. Sometimes they act in such a funny way that even if you draw a donkey they don't understand that it is a donkey. You have to draw the donkey and also label it in block, DONKEY.

Lets see whether this bugger has money to show it in some channels atleast. He just loved calling the entire creative team for some nonsense discussions. One of the meetings was so boring that I had concentrated only on the biscuits. Anyway, coming back to Natasha. I had fallen in love with her hearing her name itself. Like the line in the movie TROY on Helen,'I heard a lot of gossips about your beauty and for once, the gossips seem to be true' She was too cute. Rosy cheeks and cute fat bums. I really loved her bum:-). She did not even cry once in the three hour or so that she was with the crew.

Why do beautiful kids whom everybody would love to play with are often so jolly and those whom people wouldn't give a second look keep on crying is also thought provoking. So, let me add, I guess I seldom cried when I was a kid (haha! i have the ability to laugh at myself)

It was nice to see boss doing the monkey act to make her laugh. She stole everyone's heart. I have a natural affinity towards kids and they have it for me but, I didn't want to try as there is a first time for everything :-)

Her mom, dad, grandpa, grandma came for the shoot and I stood there doing some pedigree analysis on how she is so beautiful. It could be a case of Atavism too as she was the preetiest of them all. Dear Grandchild of mine, if you are not going to be so beautiful please don't mind cos goodlooks is not the first criteria that I am looking out in the person who is gonna be your grand dad. Accidentally, if he happens to be handsome then, nothing like it. I don't have much time to be dating a lot of guys. God bless you!

So, my day was made. work should be like this. Some outdoor shoot once in a while when you get lethargic and watch (not even play) beautiful never-crying kids and get paid for it.

saying this, I got a forwarded message on the practical alternative to work. It goes like this...

Are you lonely?
Hate having to make decisions
Rather talk about it than do it?
then why not hold a meeting?

get to see other people
sleep in peace
offload decisions
learn to write volumes of meaningless notes
feel important
impress(or bore) other colleagues
and all in work time

The Practical Alternative To Work


MMN said...

The boss always has to play the monkey, whether it be reportees or client. I am so happy to be a developer :)

Handa said...

I just hope that Scott Adams's predictions of genetically engineered kids come true by the time i m old engh to have kids.... trust me, more often than not they are annoying and defeat you with mind-boggling logic. my niece uses my mouse (no no.. i dont have a pet, i m talking bout the compu one) as a DOME on her building blocks. the reason... nothing better comes in that shape with a cord. beat that !!!

Jubilant said...

Hey hey... dare not call a client a donkey! it's for him that we survive... ofcourse they may be idiots. but they have the money and being what they are would let it flow to us. dont you think that it is the best part? :-)

Prasanna said...

And here I was thinking that this was some blog about a GladRags super model... I gotta do something about my over-flowing hormones! Tut Tut!!

Lazydad said...

kids are just fabulous and pure delight.. its only when they grow up that they pick up tones and hues..