Friday, July 16, 2004


I have mentioned ‘J’ more than anything or anybody else in this blog. She does not read my blog. First I boasted, then I bribed now, I am begging. She doesn’t have time. She works in a finance company. She is busy minting money for me to borrow. I am asking her to adopt me.

Ankita is the name of my niece. The other day, I called her very lovingly on the phone and she called me ‘papa’. I thought something was wrong with my voice and really worried myself just to realise that ‘papa’ is the only word she has learnt to speak. She is one year old and loves to be in the arms of men only. Umm! Looks like she is going to be a big flirt someday. Like aunty like niece!

More than our parents, it is often our neighbours and relatives who are concerned about our marriage. I just feel like getting married soon and surprise myself.

My childhood friend Linthoi told me she reads my blog everyday and that I haven’t left my carefree and bohemian ways till now. She told me to praise her if I mention her. So, here I am doing it. Tusi great ho! She is coming back to India but I won’t be able to meet her. I miss our mouth wrestling as we call it. Every topic was a debate between us with a lot of so whats’ and but alsos’. Rosy, Leena, Judy, Rita, Bedana stood mouth opened listening to us often laughing till it hurt. We never quarelled as such. She complimented that I blog everyday diligently and see, I couln’t post anything new. Next time I go home, I am having lunch with her parents even if she is not there.

Got my account statement. Last month I had a balance of Rs. 1. 54. The card was sure heavier than the balance. Anybody wishing to help me can contact me at the following address arunima at

‘N’, my school buddy likes me eating and not putting on weight. Come back buddy and let me hear that compliment again as I gulp down the KFC chicken. Let me help you spend your dollars in the right way. I don’t give a damn even if the chicken is genetically engineered. You have a problem, give me your share.

Met two guys from the dance class. Anytime, a guy opens his mouth, I fear that he will say that he is a softee. One is a stock trader and the other is an investment advisor. Invited me to join them for dinner the other day. Suddenly remembered that Jenny had gone out and I had to cook alone. Was reaaaaalllyyyy tempted to join them but you know I had to turn them down. Yuks! I hated the way I smiled at them while saying ‘some other time’

‘Jo’ is another guy in the dance whom I hit and frown at for not leading me properly and not dancing right. Now that we are not in the same batch, I’ll miss dancing with him.

Boss saw the Infosys logo on my Tshirt. I really dare. Namak yaha se aur Tshirt kisi aur ka

that's enough for the day.


Handa said...

All those readers who are giving serious thought to donating money to Arunima, please answer my plea first. She eats in KFC, I havent had chicken for more than a week. She has Rs. 1.54 as balance, I do not even have a credit-card. She refuses free dinners, I keep looking for free Suttas. Now its your turn to decide where your donations should go to and I hope that you make the right decision.

Amit Goel said...

Kind Donors, please give some money to handa and not arunima..(handa.. look, i am helping you 50% is mine)

MMN said...

I guess this is like a tabala complaining to a percussion drum about the number of "dum dum" it receives. Peek into the lives of almost any engineer in bangalore, the day before salary the account balance will be something like this :)

Jubilant said...

Oh boy! You sound desperate.

Prasanna said...

I agree with Handa and Amit 100% too - instead of donating anything to Arunima - please donate to the "Ravi Handa Relief and Welfare Fund" - the more u donate, the more Amit gets (50% as was the proposal).... and of course I get to swindle BHAGWAN AMIT out of that amount - becoz, after all, a spiritual Guru does NOT require wordly possessions.
If Arunima sends me a packet of KFC I might change my mind a give her some money in return though.....