Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Crying baby gets chocolate

I couldn’t concentrate on my steps the other day in the dance class. The reason, one of the guys of our batch switched to the advanced batch when I knew that ‘J’ and me were better than he was. I don’t know when was the last time I really fretted and frowned. I seldom get angry over anything cos I just don’t give a damn most of the time. Yes. I do cry sometimes otherwise, I am always cheerful. Some of the guys really tried to cheer me up and failed miserably. I told ‘J’ if we are not upgraded, it’s going to be the last day in the institute. Told her to remember that a crying baby gets more chocolate. (Beatings too but, should know when to stop.)

After the class, I went straight to Mr. N for a tete-a-tete and asked if we could be upgraded. Gave a piece of my mind and told that other than three guys out of 18-20 of them, none lead us. We have to spin on our own and spin them too. Then Mr.’A’ joined and ‘N’ murmured to him in Kannada that there would be very less girls in our batch. I couldn’t make out properly but I guessed it right as ‘J’ told me the same later. ‘A’ told us to attend both the classes the next day. ‘N’ reassured that the class would be interesting as he would be teaching us new steps but I was not ready to buy his story. I have spent my money and was not ready to take shit. Yes. I work when I don’t blog and it is hard earned. I should enjoy the classes too if not what’s the point? One of the guys almost broke my arms. Then ‘A’ suggested that attending both the classes would give him a chance to judge us cos he has not been teaching us. Thanked him before he could change his mind and told to ‘J’ in Kannada, ’lets get going’, one of the few lines I managed to pick up in so many years for the benefit of Mr. N’s ears.

The next day was judgement day and we had to do well. ‘J’ said she is bored and would meet her friends instead and told me to let her know about my decision. I was left to battle alone.

I went clad in a cotton sleeveless salwar with a bindi drawn on my forehead. I did that on purpose again as some gals come wearing noodle strap tops, low-waist jeans. Looks good on some but, to others it looks like the thighs are every ready to tear the jeans and pop out at the first fart. They could be the reason why the numbers of male students increase by the day. I’ll think of a concept to advertise which would make more girls join in a later post.

The classes always start and end with a free-style. So, that day, I precisedly did free-style dancing 5 times along with two ballroom dances. There were three batches; first one was the senior most. They are those people who have been learning for the past 2 years. Lovely dancers! Our dream partners are in this batch. I joined in their free-style, as it was the only time I could dance with them. Then comes our batch then, the advanced batch I am talking about.

Some of my batch mates remained to see me join the last batch too. At the time of the free-style, none of the girls joined. They are those who performed on stage the last time. They stood watching and perhaps judging me. I was on the floor with three guys, Mr. N, one pro of 5678 team (he lead the steps) and another student. With all the stamina I had, I matched them step to step jumping and kicking. Ofcourse, the steps were not the very difficult ones, which they do on stage. Then came cha-cha-cha. Eyes locked with all my partners, I danced tirelessly executing each step that was taught to prove my mettle.

After the class, Mr.'A'told me to inform ‘J’ too and asked us to be present for the advanced class. I came walking back in the rain, soaked and satisfied. Cooked chicken for dinner and slept with my face cradled by Radhika Jha’s novel, ‘Smell’ letting sleep cure my aching calves.


Handa said...

"The sweet smell of chicken in the evening... It smells like VICTORY"
For people who dint get that, go and watch Apocalypse Now
There is something I wanted to ask you. I read your comments on My Blog. Why do you use BlogSpot to comment when I have added HaloScan for the same? Thanks for the inspiring comments and please keep doing that. BlogSpot or HaloScan.. I like them all :)

Prasanna said...

u gotta teach me to dance - I can't dance for toffee... I can see us right now.... u trying to teach me the salsa and me stepping on ur little toes! Then u screaming in pain.... well ok maybe it's not such a good idea after all!
But ur blog makes it sound like fun... dancing I mean - not the stepping on toes!

Amit Goel said...

hey.. even i wanna learn dance.. so that i can perform striptease...WOW . it'll be great performing a striptease in front of females...:X

Prasanna said...

Strip tease Amit??? Uggh! The day u do that - I'm gonna shoot u! Spare all these women with the sight of u in the buff! Yuck!!

Jubilant said...

I can see that you are not bad with the volume as well.:-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Aruni Darling.. Why not Crying baby gets milk.