Tuesday, August 03, 2004

one word

I am tired of the word innovation. ‘Where Innovation is a tradition’, ‘Innovation is a way of life’, ‘We add value to innovation’, ‘We change lives through innovation’. There are again those punchlines of we dos, ‘we change lives’, ‘we make things better’, ‘We bring good things to life’. However, I like ‘We also make steel’
So, I conclude innovation is an over-rated word. But, I gave a line ‘Innovation in life through nature’ for some biotech company. Punch lines have forgotten to give the punch intended. Sue all for Plagiarism, me included.

One word to brand a media-related company, whose core competence is the research of contents and production epecially documentaries. When we say ‘Prestige’ you relate it to Benz, ‘Safety’ for Volvo, ‘Engineering’ for BMW, ‘Overnight’ for FedEx. A simple word, a very very simple word and what is that damn word? I have no idea. Deadline is just a few heartbeats away. I have been giving hazaar words. I was told, ‘You are good in vocabulary no doubt but try something simple’

"Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple and awesomely simple, that’s creative" -Charles Mingus


Vishnu said...

cool...playing with words is always fun :-)

Handa said...

I know quite a few people who are obsessed with the word CREATIVE (btw, Charles Mingus is good, just download couple of his songs).. It never ends, people will keep coming up with something or the other.

Amit Goel said...

creativity is good.. best of luck in ur search for a correct word

Pal said...

Oh god, playing with words? I always stay away from this puzzle. :-) But really admire people like you who express a lot of meanings with simple words. And also agree with you & Handa sir that 'innovation’, ‘creative’ – these words are over-used, they don’t carry the weight of simplicity any more. I really impatient to know what is that word you finally used to ‘represent’ that media-based company!