Wednesday, July 28, 2004

until next month

Three hours before the programme, Bitha smsed me,’ I haven’t yet got a black top. I am topless’. I replied, ‘wow! You deserve a Kodak moment.’ This was the state of affairs yesterday.

Like every other month we had our birthday celebration for the July born girls. I had committed to the warden and choreographed a dance number. Bitha is vacating next month and she wanted to dance for the last time. Agreed, we wouldn’t get such a platform anywhere else. Dances on stage have gone with college life and we are no professionals to do it elsewhere.

Somehow we enjoyed the rush to finish dinner, put on the make-up, arrange the costumes and the last minute rehersal singing by ourselves music and all.
I picked up J’s black top on the way back from office for Bitha. Stiched silver papers on the trousers, red satin and silver in our hands in place of bangles and yes, God bless whoever’s boyfriend it was who had given those flowers. I guess it was Smitha’s.
A bunch of Jarberas was lying. The pink ones went to the hair and the yellow ones were pinned up neatly to a black satin ribbon to become chokers. So, if you love your gal, say it with flowers if not for her, for her friends’ atleast:-)

Finally we tied bright chiffon dupattas on the hips and checked if anything could be seen navel, stomach, flat or otherwise. If some skin were seen the nun would revolt.
Smitha, an MBA student performed Bharatnatyam and after some songs it was our turn. The commotion of the last three hours got over in just 5 minutes. But the day couldn’t just get over without me committing some blunder so; there I was again on the request of some friends who had arranged for the event on stage with another costume. This time it was a ponytail, track pants, t-shirt, sport shoes and pom-poms.

I started with free jive. It went good then came the second verse of the song and then the third. I started thinking, ’Oh sucks! Why did I select this song?’ then I decided, ’lemme turn from the left and then from the right. Now again from the left. Oh God! This is the third time I am simply turning left and right. Oh yes, I have two hands too and the pom-poms. Let me do something with them. Aren’t they supposed to co-ordinate with the legs? Ok, let me shake my bum a bit and kick yes, left foot right hand, right foot left hand. 567… here I go.’ Suddenly I started to laugh followed by the audience. I didn’t stop dancing; I continued the confusion for another 20 seconds and came out of the stage leaving the audience in peels of laughter.

MC announced,’That was sponteneous’. A loud applause followed (for my shamelessness.)
Reema, now a lecturer in St. Joseph’s College of Commerce took over and shared her experiences with the students who had asked her out for coffee.

For now I agree there is a right time for everything. Dances should end with college. (Until next month : D)


Manish said...

So that's why you missed the match yesterday. Dancing is a fun which I don't enjoy because I dance as good as Abhishek Bachchan :-)

Anonymous said...

" Finally we tight bright chiffon dupattas on the hips and checked " Is tight equivalent to tied ???? hehe
Yea reel dance should end in college .. the real dance starts once u r into the daily grids of life:)


Handa said...

Dancing is over-rated :P

Arunima said...

eeks! tight is not at all synonymous to tied. Thanks a lot Jo. You are a worthy son of two English Professors. I am doing the needful ASAP.

MMN said...

So you can dance.. oops mistake.. you could dance. :D
I am looking for a choreographer for the item numbers in my latest film. Interested?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you did. Maybe you walked.
Maybe you rocked around the clock.
No body tells you what to do.
Maybe they ride. Maybe you walk.
Maybe they drive to get off, baby


Arunima said...

Manish, if u can dance as good as Abhishek then u are better than me. I agree Ravi, it's over-rated. Can't we just live in peace without dancing? Sad part is I can't. boo hoo. MMN, I 'd sure love to choreograph but, I feel we better think of a designer first. The costume is the USP of item numbers na? the lesser the better:-)
thanks Paps. you write well. My favourite line however is that one. you know it(laughs!)