Tuesday, July 27, 2004

another day in paradise

I was standing in front of kids’ kemp in M.G road the other day when this autodriver approached me. He was above 60 years of age, old and freckled. Few of his teeth had gone missing and I could see the air whizzing out from his mouth as they struggled to align and form words. He said, ‘free service Madam’. I did not believe my ears and just looked at him. He continued to explain himself and asked me where I wanted to go and that he would drop me without charging anything for it. He also said that he is doing it for 4 hrs that day. I was surprised, shocked and touched at the same time. I turned him down saying my friend is coming to pick me up and thanked him profusely but started thinking why did he decide to do it. Yes, he was a Muslim too. I mean he wore the cap, which is worn during namaz. Was it due to some religious obligation?
I turned back to write down his number but he was already sandwiched between other vehicles and went out of my sight. Many auto drivers before have cheated me and I often judge them wrong but this elderly man taught me a lesson. The world is still a nice place to live in. I just have to do my bit. I feel the presence of God amidst us and I am not all alone. Another day in paradise!

Happy birthday Judy oops Dr. Judy. My chaddi dost. May all good things be yours! You are one more year smarter and sexier. I love you. ummmmmaah!


Vishnu said...

True Arunima.Its all another day in paradise for you and me.Its moments like this which can touch one person...in a positive way.

MMN said...

Scene 1:
MMN is going home and wants to get an auto to Kalasipalyam from his office front in Richmond. It is merely 2-2.5 kms. In the autostand.
MMN : Kallasipalyam hogthira?
Autowalas : illai
MMN : Please..... Bus miss hoga..
Autowalas after a lot of discussion. 50 Rs Kotbidi.

No other options and he pays up. If this is one day in hell I have had many :(

Anyways your experience was a one in a million one I think, but our Autowallas still have a long way to go.

Manish said...

They do have a long way to go, but considering there upbringing, background anad hardships - incidents like these stand out.

That way, even we have a long way to go.


Anonymous said...

but then a lot of nice things turn bad out there.

Oh baby baby it's a wild world,
it's hard to get by just upon a smile.
Oh baby baby it's a wild world.


Manjusha said...

Interesting Experience!