Tuesday, July 13, 2004


The streets still wore the colour of dusk. Night and day were about to shake hands and exchange duties. She wrapped urgency on herself and trotted forward to reach home on time among the crowd moving about in large knots. Her steps faltered suddenly. She saw a bike being parked at the St. Patrick’s Parking space.

Everything was the same. The black jacket, the helmet on the left hand, even the slight tilt of the head towards the left, the lazy but sure strides walking past ‘Kanti-Sweets’. The only change she noticed was the girl beside him. They looked relaxed, comfortable, in love.
Overwhelmed, she rushed to the parking and checked the numberplate,’KA-O2 4188’ It hadn’t changed. She stood thinking to herself, ’it was just yesterday’

It was just yesterday that she had walked rightfully by his side. It was one of those petty fights, which all couples had. It happens when you give someone a place in your heart. Sometimes she said sorry and they made up. Sometimes he did and they made up. Often, it was her who said the sorry. She waited for his call to tell him that he doesn’t deserve her but he is forgiven because she loved him.

Yes. It was just yesterday. She started to count and ‘yesterday’ was 2 years ago.


Amit Goel said...

there are always two sides of a coin... anyway.. its good that yesterday was '2 years ago' .. now think about tomorrow

MMN said...

I guess time moves on faster when you are separated and sluggishly slow when married :)

au naturel said...

well...how bout 6 yrs?...n the walls of oceans n continents thrown in...its still yesterday...but again its YESTERDAY...
live for today

Handa said...
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Jubilant said...

The narration is just another way of getting into a relationship. The problem lies when people enter into it without being aware of the responsibilities associated with a relationship.

If they were... :-)