Thursday, July 01, 2004

Along came Polly (and the noise )

Distributed by: Universal Pictures
Directed/written by: John Hamburg
The week-end before last, I had watched this movie,'Along came Polly'. After watching it, I realised love can happen to anyone, anywhere amidst a lot of noise too. The story revolves around a shit and a fart. Ok, the proper words would be defacation, flatulation, regurgitation, etc etc. Watch it to believe it. Somebody or the other seemed to be doing that. Nah! I am not sponsoring and please don't borrow money from me. Being from the makers of 'meet the parents', I naturally expected something better but, it was a let down. It just managed to make me smile and thirst for a next scene which would be better than what was happening.
Jennifer Aniston was kind of cute as Polly Prince. I liked a dialogue which she delivered in the lines of 'I have had good relationships and bad ones. I have enjoyed the good ones and cried over the bad ones. I have lived them all and it's my life. You don't have to mess up with it.'

Another dialogue by Ben Stiller as Reuben Feffer, 'In the 48 times that we dated, I threw up 19 times but, I still wanted to be with you'. She loved spicey food specially Indian and he had irritable bowel syndrome.

By his dad, 'It's better to live in the present than in the past or the future'. I think he had just two dialogues in the whole movie and very vital ones.

On a funnier note, Ben Stiller pledges everlasting devotion to God, if He could stop a toilet from overflowing.

I got entertained in a different way too. The couple sitting next to me were in 'cold war' mode. The guy went on talking and using expletives and the girl was silent all along. She was revolting in silence. I could see that it irked him and they left in a one-way mode, the guy talking and the girl not responding.

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