Monday, July 12, 2004

A few years from now

Name: Arunima K
Age: 32 years
Height: Depends on the heels
Marital Status: Never Married
Religion: Hindu but goes both to the church and temple. The beauty parlour is the temple on thursdays and the church on sundays.
convent educated, fair and slim with chubby cheeks (even after a month in the hospital.)

requirements in the prospective partner
age: no bar
religion: no bar
height: no bar
marital status: single at present/divorcee/widower daurega

Mom called up and said I should be married as dad is retiring soon. I don't know how my marriage is related to dad's retirement. She asked me if I am seeing anyone. I replied Mr. Right is in the manufacturing unit. Managed to make her laugh and changed the topic. Mama, I miss you and I am coming home but when, I know not.

Crystelle, me and Jenny met up.While me and Jenny were planning to go to Hyderabad,C has flown to Delhi twice and recruited 79 people for her company and they are already charting policies to retain the employees too. Procrasti-planning murdabad!

All three sat discussing marriage seriously. Me and J decided to marry within 6 months of each other. We finally concluded,
Mr. Right
`is younger to us
`belongs to other community, caste, religion
`is not in the city, country etc.
so, we were considering online-marriage too. Our discussion was interupted by a fight in the neighbourhood. We just peeped out from J's window to see what it was. The woman was a christian married to a muslim and the father in-law almost took law into his hands. He almost hit the woman but was stopped by his other son.
We decided to sleep,our faith in our parents being restored otherwise, a few years from now, if I don't listen to my parents the matrimonial columns and sites are going to feature me as mentioned above. But, I never led an arranged life, why an arranged marriage?


Amit Goel said...

don't marry yaar..why u wanna make one more life hell ? let the guys live peacefully in their bachelorhood

Handa said...

Where should I send my biodata ;).... well, let me leave it here..
Name : Loser(thats my nic)
Height : I'll like to exercise my right to remain silent.
Age : 21 (This august)
Religion : Agnostic
Marital Status : Never Married
Aim in Life : Become a house-husband.
For further details you can contact me at

Prasanna said...

oh goody!! Handa bhai u sound like one hot stud!! Too bad I'm not gay.....

Hey kiddo - why u getting so depressed abt marriage and stuff like that?? Life is too sweet to worry abt such things - don't fret, it will happen, and just like in that "FRIENDS" episode - I'll be your back-up if no one else turns up!!! Deal?

Anonymous said...

Chanced into your blog through my friend's (streamingjubilance.blogspot)..

You know, it'd sure be refreshing to read something like that in the matrimonial columns :) . For me, a run through the matrimonials section always takes a bit of the boredom off on Sun afternoons. Apart from the usual stuff like 'tall, dark and handsome, IIM educated, earning 12 lacs PA (!!) seeking convent educated, professionally qualified spouse from respectable family' (followed by the ubiquitous horoscope details, of course) and others like 'seeking alliance for tall, fair, slim, religious and god-fearing (!!!) daughter with excellent manners', there would be one or two hilarious ones that explore the heights of hypocrisy in the marriage market.

In the words of a friend, marriage is a gamble either way. But, it's good to hear that there are women out there who are decided on marrying for the sole reason people should be getting married. Way to go, Arunima!


Anonymous said...
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MMN said...

I would have applied for the post, but when all the musculoskeletal problems from the high heels surface, I would be down with hereditory arthritis. It would become an "invalid" relationship :D

Anonymous said...

Aruni there could be a guy who has never seen you in person but just just crazy about you... and no guts to say marry me... Its like solving a puzzle..with many answers.. meet the guy and give chance to propose you or.... more puzzle no clues.. you find out yourself...