Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The conspiracy

A conspiracy was hatched. It was a real thrill executing it. Jo very sweetly told me to help him design something for their company jacket. The winner gets to see the design printed. It had to do something with DSP and multimedia. I had another deadline for the day too.

So, to and fro went some mails with forwarded text on what is DSP and what the company does. Then, every 5 mins rang my cell and I murmered something which always ended with 'ok ok got it got it'. Sat with Jitesh, one of the designers as I didn't know what to do with the softwares apart from the fact that I remember only their names. Told him to open photoshop and Illustrator and gave the design on paper with the colour schemes.

Looked around and peeped to Jitesh's screen, my screen then his screen and my screen all the while whispering something or the other to him. Selected the colour and noted its CMYK values and gave it to him. My cell kept ringing all the while and the ok ok continued.

Finally mailed the jpeg format and Jo liked it. He forwarded it to the judges. I came to know it is one among the top two finalists. I am not disclosing the name of the company other than that it is one among the top mobile companies in the world but if you see a jacket with a sine wave and a musical note drawn along with its logo, then it is the seed of our conspiracy. If it loses the contest, I enjoyed blogging about it.:-)


Stone said...

Firsttttttt one here :-)
Sorry to point the spelling mistake in the title...it sounds like "piracy" ...... B-)
put the stone down.

Anonymous said...

Hahhahaa!!! Well that means that i was troubling u :))

Arunima said...

slip of the keys Stone. thanks anyway. I just corrected it and I saw your comment. Jo it was my pleasure (with pressure :D )

MMN said...

"The winner gets to see the design printed", That is all? Why can't they give a complimentary jacket to the designer who came up with it?
May be I shouldn't be talking so materialistically :)

Brajeshwar said...

Arunima, please do not change the title of your blog entries. Well, I should rather say, make titles of blog entries responsibly and correctly. First reason, it re-appears on RSS aggregators which makes people like me who read blogs on RSS feeds see your post twice (infact, it will reappear as a new post every time you make a title change) as if a new one have been posted. The problem is more with the limitation of RSS 2.0 and Atom feed technology available on the internet at the moment but then we have to follow it unless new guidelines and standards are set and used by Public.
The thumb rule is that once your weblog goes public on the internet, you have more and more responsibility for your viewers than your own pleasure. Always make your user easy to read, find, and use your blog. It is the users who is important and no longer you, the blog author.
Whether you like it or not, there are people already aggregating your posts. Well, your post are cool, nice to read, smooth to glide along with. Keep up the good work and best wishes.
I will soon be doing a post on guide for Web Bloggers on how to optimize their site geared towards standards, accessibility and making it easy for search bots and crawlers to find relevant articles easily. But then before than, the above point is one out of the many points that I want to point out.

Prasanna said...

Ok - I ended up reading Brajeshwar's GODZILLA-like comments than ur post - I think his comments sort of diluted ur post, which I enjoyed never-the-less!

Stone said...

Ur blog..ur space....do watever u wanna do :-)
Bugs in RSS 2.0 should not hinder you from doing the right.

Arunima said...

:-D ok, I'll try to be a little more careful next time. Hi prasanna, long time no see. MMN, even I want the jacket. I say everybody should get one. It should be double sided so that Stone can also turn it upside down n wear it. what say Stone?

Anonymous said...

oh my god some one has give an RFC [ Request for comments ] on RSS 2.0 .. It surely did spoil the fun of this particular post.


Stone said...

Excellent thought Arunima, free ki jacket with ur designed logo is always welcome :-)

Anonymous said...
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Imagination said...

I watched the movie through the night in my laptop and cried buckets too :)