Tuesday, August 24, 2004

another day, another post

A very interesting post keeps running on my mind. I see myself being read by millions. I am writing short stories and what not. The only thing is while all these are happening, I am fast asleep or there is something wrong with the keyboard. So for now, I continue my tale of another Sunday.

Did not have anything to do, no boyfriend to romance, no errands to meet. Was happy to learn the steps, which I envied 3 months back in the dance class. The guy I wanted to dance with is still my senior and our batches can never be combined.

Exausted and having no stamina for a culinary riot in the kitchen, lunched outside. It’s a different thing that we don’t know when was the last time we cooked on weekends.

Fortuitously, saw RJ Surej Venkat involved in a road show. Feasted on him. Mid 30’s, grey hair, rich baritone, scored high on the ‘cool-o-metre’

Evening came. Opened the TOI. Uma Bharati stared back. Flipped to other pages, many faces and wasted pages on sports. Cricket-Indians walloped, Olympics-Indians mellowed, Tennis- Double disgust, doping and flopping. Aah! There was Rathore, his smiles shimmering amidst a thousand shattered dreams.

Read reviews of movies not released in the city due to tantrum thrown by the Kannada film industry. Wearing the ‘my kid is sick, close the school’ attitude. Happy when not rated properly.

Talks of sex covered the remaining pages. Umm, Media and the Masses are getting bolder. Finally, closed the papers and thought of posting something knowing that the day shall pass and another would come.


Handa said...

I used the same tiltle for a post coupld of days back... COPY CAT COPY CAT :P

MMN said...

As one of the famous bollywood music directors had said "Do you think it is not possible for two different people sitting at two different corners of the world cannot come up with the same melody?".
This is just a blog title. :D

Arunima said...

oops! Handa. I did that? I will change it to, yet another day, yet another post! :-)
all royalties will go to you. I promise.Or take one of my titles.

I thought it was a genuine title anyway, I read your blogs and maybe it had stayed with me.

Manish said...

May be Handa was inspired by post title of exactly one month back - Same Day, Another YearWhat a chain reaction :-)

Saltwater Blues said...

hey arunima, liked ur blog a lot. Cheers.

Arunima said...
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Arunima said...

thanks saltwater blues. Please drop in a line to my mail box arunima at gmail.com if u could or your URL. tried reaching your blog but failed.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?