Friday, August 20, 2004

short, sweet and smart!

This is an old ad from one of the best Bangalore based production houses. I was floored by the simplicity of it. It was for 10 seconds on Kishore Kumar.

On a blank black screen, with typing effects, the words come out ‘Kishore Kumar’. Background music goes on. Then ‘1929 – 1987’. After 1987 gets printed on the screen, the cursor starts deleting and moves back to
‘1929 – ‘ and the cursor blinks and stops there.

The caption comes," Legends never die"

straight, short, sweet and smart!


Stone said...

This reminds me of one of the adv. clipping I got thru mail.
Picture this..

"No silence

A guy standing on a diving board in his swimming trunks, then came a fly buzzes(only sound in the ad.) around & sits on his butts, he shoos it comes back again n again"

Then comes the message.."always use XYZ toilet papers"

FUNNY..Short and straight :-)

Handa said...

I remember a fictional advert for Nike in movie "What women want". It shows a woman running and in the end,
just plain simple adline
"No Games, Just Sports"

Amit Goel said...

ok i saw one ad showing a dog ditched by a bitch..
dog gets frustrated and wants to end his life.. he jumps on the highway in front of the car.. but the car screeches to the halt..
Bridgestone tyres

Manish said...

True - Legends never die.

Anonymous said...
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