Thursday, August 26, 2004

your game

I went on playing my normal strokes, never losing my focus. Waited for a loose ball from you. It happened and I hit it for a six. Crossed the field and banged on a rooftop never to be found again.
Saw you curse. Saw you reel over the blow. Heard you asking me; a new ball in hand to start all over again and I just realised that I am not interested in the game anymore.

Honey, you are forgeting that it was not my game but yours that I played.


Anonymous said...

thas one mighty blow arunima...demoralising for the poor bowler...but he/she'll come back may be with an altogether new game….be ready for another home-run or a touch-down. :o) …cant escape games ppl play u c..
damn...even u do this thing...thinkin bout paragraphs of analogies n chuckling all by urself keeping ppl guessing wat just happened. having no idea wats its about...none watsoever :-p
-amit aka neo.

PS manish: yeah its me

Anonymous said...

Oh the games people play now
every night and every day now
Never meaning what they say
never saying what they mean.

First you whine away your hours
in your concrete towers
Soon you'll be covered up with flowers
in the back of a black limousine.

People walking up to you
singing glory hallelujah
Then thy try to sock it to you, oh
in the name of the Lord


Anonymous said...
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