Thursday, June 03, 2004

romancing life and it's miscellaneous colours

It was a just another project for me a few months back. Squirmed, I did at the incomprehensible medical terminologies. An utter nonsense but, for the bread, butter, body lotions and whatever else it provided me. It was rewinded, unwinded and finally winded in time, packed, parcelled and forgotten. Tryst with fate made me have an encounter with it again. Well, orkutting myself to the commmunity ’Special needs children’, I chanced upon, a deliberate chance this time around, parents with ‘special needs children’. Some of them had Hydrocephalus (water retention in the head), my done project, the terms which I then treated just as a proper noun for better flow of the text. I am the only single in the community, single in every sense of the word cos when I intoduced myself I got many replies like, ’I am single too with a kid’.
My heart melts for these children and parents. Seeing their interminable courage makes my skirmish strife in life which was ever so dominating change to diminutive. I share here a story of a member with her child as featured in the ‘Readers Digest’. As per her words, it is the condensed version, custom-tailored for public consumption minus the real ugly stuffs. There are sometimes just not enough words.
my story... (Adobe Acrobat reader required)
I seek my avenues of personal growth from all these experiences, be it the heard way. I am glad my few words matter to them too. They give me the valiancy to pleat up tiny ripples of hope that I still could be a better person. I am romancing life and it’s miscellaneous colours.


Anonymous said...

So life is ur Boy-Friend ???
Grrret Yaar!
Any ways , they suck.
Happy Romancing.... :)

Ta-Ta !
Blue Berry

Anonymous said...

Hi Romo,

It nice and too romancing life
keep going

U R Old buddy

Anonymous said...

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