Wednesday, June 02, 2004

girl's night out (Life is now!)

J and me had a girls night out. Spent the evening hopping in and out of autos. Went shopping then to the movie theatre. Balcony tickets were sold out. Went for the dance class and then back to the theatre again. Got the tickets for the 9.30 pm. show. Rushed home. I prepared Dal, chawal, salad and omlette with lightening speed. By 8.45 we were ready. Then came the rain, pittar-patter and then pouring with full gusto. It did not dampen our spirits. Walked down the road, pants rolled up, sharing an umbrella. Not a single auto was in sight. Went a little panicky. Fair soul! We saw one coming from the opposite direction. Usually, we scrutinise the faces and the gait of the drivers if it is at night but, this time we didn't. Went splashing (thanks to the drainage system of Bangalore) with a speed that would have put Schumacher to shame. I guess a few pegs of whiskey must have done the trick on him. Reached on time. We were the only females in the two rows behind and before us. Least bothered, we commented to glory. Screamed to the screen teasers featuring Arjun Rampal after the interval.
It was 12.15 when we came out. The movie was ‘Hum Tum’. I remember Rani’s hair style and dresses. If I remember the story, I will post it. Saif and Rani were good. Abhi was commendable in his cameo. Very very Husband material! Managed to get an auto for the fare of his choice. Hopped in. Well, The lanes were desolate or sequestered so to say but, we had no fear factor in us. Left it for some other day. However, we agreed not to repeat this fun often. Two big flirts alone in the road at midnight, ha!
Making up to my dear friend for all the times I promised to hang out with her just to break it for some spur of the moment plan with somebody. The small pleasures of life!
I embrace this phase too, unabashed.
Life is today, Life is now!!!


Anonymous said...

Neat one

Anonymous said...

There are a very few people who have influenced my life. U are one of them...:-)