Thursday, June 17, 2004

Non-Directional Friday

Personally I am in a chaotic jumble of emotional conflicts, disorienting, distracting, happy and sad at the same time. Yes, I am scared. Scared to think.

In the office, it is one of those non-directional Fridays. Mrs. ‘M’ my esteemed client is coming again. It was just yesterday that we exchanged one of those genuinely transparent unpleasant smile that reaches the ears. She is the Sales Manager of her company and I guess I am the co-ordinator, kick-bag and liar of mine. All we did to this project was not give a second look thinking that they are quite and they must be happy. They were quite, as the submarine and so I invent, invent excuses. Pressed for time, now both the parties just want the project to be done with and vanish from each other’s sight. I am sure I’ll act blind if I meet her anywhere else. The final hitch always prolongs and we are left stepping each other’s toes.


Anonymous said...

such a beautiful relationship…so much looovve….u just step on each others toes…ask me wat part of my clients anatomy I wanna step on…(again stepping on seems so gentle….mangle/squash/mash/mutilate/pulverize/grind/pound/crush n suchlike come to my mind) the trouble is he is onsite half way across our planet so I have to make do with the ‘stepping business’ in my fantasies.
n hey, y did u term fridez as non-directional….they r so fabulously uni-directional…they point towards weekends which is one of Gods wonderful gifts to humankind.
- Amit

Anonymous said...

yup., I agree with Amit here. Thank God Its a Friday (TGIF) and I m in my best jovial mode ready to shut down my 21 inch monitor staring at me and scream "YES" to the other better part of life:)