Monday, June 07, 2004

Can you?

Can you hear this silent eloquence?
Can you give me a novel beginning?
Can you heal this heart which is hurt but which remains unbowed?
Can you take the love I have inside?
Can you accept me for what I am and also for what I am not?
Can you hold my hand?
Can you …?
Can you listen to what I am not saying?


Anonymous said...

yeah yeah.....why not......i have been thinkin about you for some time.......

Anonymous said...

Would you have written these beautiful,melancholic verses if not for the fact that you are a swinging, single, independent young woman with her own lonely moments at times....????

I think whoever said " Everything happens for a reason " is outright truth esp. in your case...


Anonymous said...

Hello Arunima, thanks for dropping by. you know i had a friend in school by the same name and i saw ur yahoo email id and it it said "arunimaksh" just for curiosity sake, what is your last name, cos my friend had the same sort of last name. if u dont mind me asking you. you write quite well. hope to see you around.